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You Matter.

Learning to Love Who You Really Are

Author: Matthew Emerzian; Foreword by Ken Blanchard; Preface by John O'Leary

You Matter.

You Matter.

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Transform the way you live your life with a message of unexpected hope, radical joy, and deep connection.

You matter. Not because of what you earn or how you...

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Transform the way you live your life with a message of unexpected hope, radical joy, and deep connection.

You matter. Not because of what you earn or how you look or what you’ve achieved, but because you are inherently valuable. Author Matthew Emerzian takes this seemingly simple premise and shows readers how truly understanding their own worth will change every aspect of their lives. You Matter is a call to empathy and a joyous celebration of the value of each and every person.

The book is structured into three sections, each of which expands the concept in ever widening ripples. In the first section, “I Matter,” readers come to terms with their own worth, in “You Matter” that awareness expands to acknowledge and celebrate the value of the people around us, and finally in “We Matter” Emerzian explores the power of a thriving community with those around us. Each chapter features exercises, journal prompts, and conversation starters to help readers dive deeper.

Author Matt Emerzian is the founder of Every Monday Matters, a not-for-profit dedicated to spreading the message of self-worth and compassion to people throughout the world. Every week 1.2 million people—from elementary school children to employees at national corporations—engage with ideas and concepts from Every Monday Matters.

You Matter
is a manifesto of self-esteem and call to action for people to find their meaning and live fully—and change the world while doing so.

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"When you first see the title You Matter, you might think the book is all about you. Not so! While it starts with you, Matt's real goal is to help his readers create a life of purpose, meaning, and service.... Read You Matter and absorb the important thinking of Matt Emerzian."
Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action

“I matter. You matter. We matter. Matt's book shows how these three simple statements can change your life, transform your worldview, and open your heart.”
Kirsten Powers, CNN Senior Political Analyst and USA Today columnist

“Matt shares a message that is powerful and world-changing: by loving the people around us we can learn to love ourselves. I want to put a copy of this book into the hands of everyone I meet.”
Vernon Sanders, Co-Head of Television, Amazon Studios

“If we can all agree that our beliefs drive our behaviors, just imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all believed that we mattered, and that everyone else mattered just as much. Thanks for challenging us to think differently Matt.”
Lenny Comma CEO, Jack in the Box

"Matt’s messages are relatable to people as well as the companies in which they work. We need to make sure our people know they are valued, have purpose, and matter to our companies. And this book inspires just that. Employees who are cared for/about by their employers are able to bring their whole outstanding self to work. In addition to his written word, Zoom has had the privilege of experiencing Matt as a keynote note speaker which left many inspired souls as well as not a dry eye in the room."
Lynne Oldham, Chief People Officer, Zoom Video Communications

"You Matter is a story for and about us of all. Matt's willingness to share his own journey of brokenness reminds us that this life isn't easy, and finding purpose is necessary. Matt provides us a pathway to that purpose by exemplifying a life of meaningful connection and joy."
Scott Harrison, NY Times Best-selling Author of Thirst

"I’ve watched Matt’s transformative journey with my own eyes and seen him grow into a leader who transforms other leaders. How we treat people along our own life’s path matters, and Matt’s personal example is one I plan to follow. You should too. We’ll all thank you."
Thomas Greanias, New York Times bestselling author of Raising Atlantis

"Read this book. Matthew will inspire and transform you through his own powerful story. Whether through the pages of this book or Matthew sharing on a stage, he’s a Catalyst and change agent! Bring him in to speak to your team, staff, network or conference. You can be confident that leaders will leave more inspired and ultimately transformed to make a difference and lead well in any environment. Companies, non profits, schools, churches and teams need this message!"
Brad Lomenick, Founder, BLINC; Author of H3 Leadership & The Catalyst Leader

"If you struggle bringing meaning into your life and you aren't fully living a life with your specific purpose in mind - This book is for you. Allow Matthew, in his lovely book, to guide you to a personal discovery that leads you to your greater self. You Matter. This book Matters."
Chris Chalk, Actor, Writer, and Filmmaker - When They See Us, Gotham, Farewell, Perry Mason

"Matthew’s book is pure joy. It forces you to just stop, take a deep breath and be/live in the moment, a moment that is precious. Life is fast. Fleeting. Challenging. We are all doing the best we can.... Do yourself a favor and take some time and read this glorious book. It matters, and most of all, YOU MATTER!!"
Lawrence Zarian, author of, Lawrence Zarian’s 10 Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe, and Lifestyle expert on Live with Kelly and Ryan and Home and Family

"You Matter is the breath of fresh air we so desperately need. We live in a culture of exhausting ambition, but Matthew shows us that we don't have to earn the right to be valuable or worthwhile—we already are."
Alexis Jones, Speaker, Activist, Author of I Am That Girl

“In today's tech-obsessed world, it's easy to fall into the compare-and-despair trap. We focus a great deal on "succeeding" without stopping to think about what that really means. You Matter shifts the framework and helps us think about what it means to thrive.”
Jessica Abo, Author of Unfiltered: How To Be As Happy As You Look On Social Media

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You Matter.

You Matter.

You Matter.
You Matter.