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Thundercluck! Chicken of Thor

Thundercluck! Chicken of Thor

Recipe for Revenge


Written by Paul Tillery IV; illustrated by Paul Tillery IV and Meg Wittwer

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The chicken of the Norse god Thor, bewitched with the power of thunder and lightning, returns to action in Thundercluck! Chicken of Thor: Recipe for Revenge—written and illustrated by Paul Tillery IV and Meg Wittwer.

The mighty chicken Thundercluck is in trouble. He and Brunhilde have run a-fowl of the gods of Asgard, and the best friends must fly the coop. But when a seasoned foe serves up more danger, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire for these plucky heroes. Can their friendship handle the heat . . . or will they both be cooked?



In the realm of Midgard, Sven and Olga sat down for a picnic. The sun was bright, and the field was green. It was a lovely day.

Then came the ants.

It started with the smell...

Praise for Thundercluck! Chicken of Thor


“This rousing adventure introduces a new hero to the world . . . [An] epic debut.” —Booklist

“An ideal adventure for more reluctant readers . . . An absurd story executed with admirable gravity and skill.” —Kirkus

“This absurd premise delivers on its goofy humor . . . for those readers not yet ready for Percy Jackson.” —Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“For mythology-loving readers who are too young for Rick Riordan.” —School Library Journal

“Tillery dishes out bountiful allusions and wordplay both smart and silly . . .[along with] chirpy dialogue, rat-a-tat action, and spry illustrations.” —Publishers Weekly


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Written by Paul Tillery IV; illustrated by Paul Tillery IV and Meg Wittwer

Paul Tillery IV lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. He's always loved drawing, storytelling, and off-kilter comedy. He earned his MFA in animation from SCAD Atlanta in 2014 and taught animation at SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. He is the author and co-illustrator of Thundercluck.

Co-illustrator Meg Wittwer was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She enjoys drawing and communicating with others through art and collaboration. She also digs birds (especially chickens). Meg earned her BFA in illustration from SCAD in 2016 and now works as an illustrator in Atlanta, Georgia.

image of Paul Tillery IVo
Photographer April Curtis; chicken courtesy of Mereth and Curtis Alexander
image of Meg Wittwero
Eric Vanderpool

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