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The Echoes

The Kinship Series (Volume 4)

Author: Jess Montgomery

The Echoes

The Echoes

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The fourth in Jess Montgomery's evocative Kinship series, The Echoes combines exquisite storytelling with extraordinary crime plotting.

"A beautifully...

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The fourth in Jess Montgomery's evocative Kinship series, The Echoes combines exquisite storytelling with extraordinary crime plotting.

"A beautifully written tour de force." —Linda Castillo on The Stills

As July 4, 1928 approaches, Sheriff Lily Ross and her family look forward to the opening of an amusement park in a nearby town, created by Chalmer Fitzpatrick—a veteran and lumber mill owner. When Lily is alerted to the possible drowning of a girl, she goes to investigate, and discovers schisms going back several generations, in an ongoing dispute over the land on which Fitzpatrick has built the park.

Lily's family life is soon rattled, too, with the revelation that before he died, her brother had a daughter, Esme, with a woman in France, and arrangements have been made for Esme to immigrate to the U.S. to live with them. But Esme never makes it to Kinship, and soon Lily discovers that she has been kidnapped. Not only that, but a young woman is indeed found murdered in the fishing pond on Fitzpatrick's property, at the same time that a baby is left on his doorstep.

As the two crimes interweave, Lily must confront the question of what makes family: can we trust those we love? And what do we share, and what do we keep secret?

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Praise for the Kinship Series:

"A beautifully written, finely crafted, character-based mystery that uses historical detail to enhance a powerful story." —Kirkus Reviews (Starred) on The Stills

"Like Sharyn McCrumb’s and Julia Keller’s thrillers, this third Lily Ross tale (following The Hollows, 2020) is a fine example of Appalachian storytelling, thoughtfully portraying characters at the intersections of kinship, poverty, power, and survival." —Booklist on The Stills

"The Widows kept me on the edge of my seat. Montgomery is a masterful storyteller." —Lee Martin, author of Pulitzer Prize-Finalist The Bright Forever

"The Widows is a gripping, beautifully written novel about two women avenging the murder of the man they both loved." —Hallie Ephron, New York Times bestselling author of You'll Never Know, Dear

"With a seemingly effortless touch, Montgomery manages to deftly weave together believable characters, dark historical truths, and an enthralling mystery in The Hollows. The result is genuinely mysterious and utterfly satisfying." —Greer Macallister, author of Woman 99 and The Magician's Life

"The Hollows is much more than a murder mystery. It weaves racial integration, labor organizing in the Appalachian coal mines, prohibition and women's rights through the narrative, set against an authentic backdrop crafted by Montgomery's careful attention to historic detail." —Associated Press

"A simultaneous examination of women's rights, coal mining, prohibition, and Appalachian life, this is a fantastic choice for historical fiction fans." —Library Journal (Starred) on The Widows

"Readers will find Montgomery's storytelling prowess in full bloom. Enjoy." —Dayton Daily News on The Hollows

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The Echoes

The Echoes