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The Edge of Strange Hollow

The Edge of Strange Hollow

Gabrielle K. Byrne



Welcome to Strange Hollow. Beware the Grimwood.

Poppy Sunshine isn’t like everyone else in Strange Hollow. She’s not afraid of the Grimwood, home to magical creatures like shape-shifters, fairies, witches, and even a three-headed dog.

Banned from the wood by her parents, Poppy longs to learn everything about it and imagines joining her mother and father as they hunt the forest’s cursed magical objects. So when her only family disappears on a routine expedition, she and her friends must break every rule to save them. But Poppy soon discovers that things in the Grimwood are rarely what they seem...

And the monsters who took her parents may not be monsters at all.

An Imprint Book


There were terrible things in the Grimwood. Things that could, and would, try to kill her. This was why Poppy’s parents didn’t want her in the Grimwood at all. She understood that, and yet here she was, standing...

Praise for The Edge of Strange Hollow

"Spookily thrilling with superlative worldbuilding." —Kirkus Reviews

"A wonderfully imaginative tale filled with friendship and adventure—the magic of the Grimwood charms every page." —Heather Kassner, author of The Plentiful Darkness

"Poppy Sunshine's realizations about the truths of her world, and her role in it, her magnificent companions, and the astounding Grimwood she lives beside make Gabrielle K. Byrne's The Edge of Strange Hollow a fantastic read. I'm still thinking about it, days later!" --Fran Wilde, author of the Nebula-award-winning novels Riverland and Updraft

Praise for Rise of the Dragon Moon:

A Junior Library Guild Selection

"Enthralling, masterful storytelling—a perfect blend of adventure and coming-of-age, and deliciously scary in parts. My head is still filled with glorious dragons."
—Karen Foxlee, author of Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy

"The dragons...seethe and swirl off the pages. Fans of Erin Hunter’s 'Warriors' series will enjoy." —School Library Journal


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Gabrielle K. Byrne

Gabrielle K. Byrne lives in the tangled wilds of the Pacific Northwest, where she writes fantasy for kids of all ages. Gabby loves rain, marine biology, Thai food, and naming pets (even ones she doesn’t own). When she’s not writing, she can be found fishing spineless beasties out of the Salish Sea with her husband and two daughters. She is the author of Rise of the Dragon Moon and The Edge of Strange Hollow.