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Stella Díaz to the Rescue

Stella Diaz (Volume 4)

Author: Angela Dominguez

Stella Díaz to the Rescue

Stella Díaz to the Rescue


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From award-winning author Angela Dominguez, another novel about Stella Diaz, a shy Mexican-American girl who speaks up to make a difference in her community.
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In Stella Díaz to the Rescue, the latest in this beloved series from award-winning author Angela Dominguez, Stella learns that sometimes the best way to help others is just to be there for them when times get tough.

It’s a new calendar year, and Stella is determined to make it her best one yet.

Not only are Stella and her family finally becoming U.S. citizens, but the Sea Musketeers are also presenting their plastics pledge to the school council. With her trusty schedule in hand, Stella is ready for anything!

But after life takes unexpected turns, Stella will have to fight to keep her perfect year on track.

Not to worry, because Stella Diaz is to the rescue! Right?

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Stella Díaz to the Rescue

Stella Díaz to the Rescue