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A picture book from Derek Desierto about a bird who doesn’t fit in…at first!
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Oddbird doesn’t fit in…at first. Readers will delight in this story about the joys of being oneself.

It’s SO hot outside. All the fancy birds are gathered around the water, wishing they could cool off. But they don’t want to get wet and ruin their fine feathers.

Oddbird isn’t worried about his feathers; he wants to go for a refreshing dip. But he doesn’t fit in. He’s not fancy, or colorful. He’s just…different. The other birds don't want him around. How can he join them?

Oddbird's story is one all readers will relate to, and ultimately celebrate.

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Feiwel & Friends



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"The messaging of self-acceptance and embracing who you are on the inside is welcome...a strong contribution to picture books celebrating diversity and inclusion." —Booklist magazine

"...a little bit of bravery goes a long way.... Young readers will understand the appeal of a cool pool on a hot day and will appreciate Oddbird’s willingness to go against the grain in pursuit of a swim." —Kirkus Reviews

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