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Author: Leopoldo Gout




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A Best Horror Book of the Year (Esquire)!

A Head Full of Ghosts meets Mexican Gothic...

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A Best Horror Book of the Year (Esquire)!

A Head Full of Ghosts meets Mexican Gothic in Piñata, a terrifying possession tale by author and artist Leopoldo Gout.

It was supposed to be the perfect summer.

Carmen Sanchez is back in Mexico, supervising the renovation of an ancient abbey. Her daughters Izel and Luna, too young to be left alone in New York, join her in what Carmen hopes is a chance for them to connect with their roots.

Then, an accident at the worksite unearths a stash of rare, centuries-old artifacts. The disaster costs Carmen her job, cutting the family trip short.

But something malevolent and unexplainable follows them home to New York, stalking the Sanchez family and heralding a coming catastrophe. And it may already be too late to escape what’s been awakened…

They were worshiped by our ancestors.
Now they are forgotten.
Soon, they’ll make us remember.

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Tor Nightfire



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"Piñata is a slow-burning story of corruption and cosmic revenge that makes a nice alternative to same old same old scuffles with crosses and holy water."

“With Piñata, Leopoldo Gout reminds us how Pre-Columbian Mexican magic is still present, and the only thing we have to do is to listen and tune into that frequency. Piñata is a magnificent novel and dances in a very original and Mexican way alongside the greats such as Stephen King or Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist.”
Carlos Bardem, author of Badaq and Mongo Blanco

“Gout puts a unique twist on a classic possession story by incorporating Indigenous Mexican lore into the gory plot.”
Publishers Weekly

Piñata is a fast-paced horror story that draws on history to give it a depth and sense of scale that similar stories often lack. And by incorporating real-world violence into the plot, Gout elevates the novel into something much more than it needs to be to succeed as a possession story.”
The Los Angeles Review of Books

“Gout succeeds in presenting a thought-provoking, violent, and immersive revenge-horror story and excels in restoring the rich history of an erased people.”
Library Journal

“This creepy, fast-paced read brings a fresh voice to horror…. Fans of Paul Tremblay, Stephen Graham Jones, and V Castro will devour this bloody tale of vengeful spirits and the dark legacy of colonialism.”

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