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I Eat Poop.

A Dung Beetle Story

Author: Mark Pett

I Eat Poop.

I Eat Poop.

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I Eat Poop by Mark Pett is a heartwarming and hilarious picture book about friendship, fitting in, and how different tastes make the world a more interesting place.
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In the vein of Please Don't Eat Me and We Don't Eat Our Classmates, I Eat Poop. by Mark Pett is a heartwarming and hilarious picture book about friendship, fitting in, and accepting each other's differences.

Dougie has a secret: he’s not a ground beetle.
He’s a dung beetle, and he loves eating poop.

Dougie knows he should be proud. Dung beetles help process waste and do other extraordinary things! But Dougie also knows that if anyone at school saw his lunch, he’d be an outcast.

One day, the lunchroom bugs out over a classmate eating poop, and Dougie must make a choice. Can he stand up for his friend—and for his true self?

I Eat Poop. is packed with important social emotional learning themes and is great for classroom or at home discussion. Read I Eat Poop. for conversations about:

- Bullying and being kind
- Standing up for your friends and speaking up for your beliefs
- Being proud of your culture and heritage
- Embracing diversity and accepting and celebrating differences

The book also includes incredible, STEM-related facts about bugs.

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"The fine-lined illustrations, full of details to pore over, are delightful, and the story moves at a quick pace, effectively delivering on both humor and message." —Kirkus Reviews

Dougie’s school is a refreshing change from cuddly mammal-focused academies, and kids with a taste for grossout humor will adore the details of his lunch and his classmates’ biologically accurate revelations... a cheerfully irreverent intro to enjoyably extreme biology." —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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I Eat Poop.

I Eat Poop.