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The Fate of Silent Gods

The Age of Ire (Volume 2)

Author: Scott Drakeford

The Fate of Silent Gods

The Fate of Silent Gods


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Praise for Rise of the Mages

“This book commits almost every crime against heroic fantasy that I can imagine ... and I have not been able to put it down.” —Glen Cook, bestselling author of The Black Company

“Iconic epic fantasy with a fresh, modern voice. Drakeford expertly weaves princely vengeance, unworthy gods, and innovative magic into an iconic epic fantasy.” —Sunyi Dean, Sunday Times bestselling author

“Fantasy lovers will experience the full range of curiosity, anger, delight, frustration, joy, and satisfaction.” —Kel Kade, New York Times bestselling author

“A piece of SFF that refuses to be pinned to any one subgenre. Is it magical academy? Found family? Band of misfits? Chosen One? Grimdark? Mil-fantasy? The answer is all and none of these. Drakeford will give you the fantasy novel you didn't know you wanted.” —Richard Swan, Sunday Times bestselling author

Rise of the Mages is a proper adventure, bursting with bloody action and exciting twists. Emrael is a fantastic lead, full of strength and loyalty, but also a hot-headed impulsiveness and a compelling inner darkness that I couldn’t get enough of.” —Brian Naslund, author of Blood of an Exile

“This is old-school and new-school epic fantasy rolled into one. Drakeford has built a superbly crafted world infused with a myriad of well-rounded characters and plenty of action, magic, and mystery. Rise of the Mages is a fast-paced adventure that will satisfy any fantasy fan young or old.” —Brian Lee Durfee, author of The Forgetting Moon

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The Fate of Silent Gods

The Fate of Silent Gods