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The Parliament

Author: Aimee Pokwatka

The Parliament

The Parliament


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The Birds meets The Princess Bride in this tale of friendship, responsibility, and the primal force of nature.

“Murder owls are extreme,” Jude...

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The Birds meets The Princess Bride in this tale of friendship, responsibility, and the primal force of nature.

“Murder owls are extreme,” Jude said. “What’s more extreme than murder owls?”

Madigan Purdy is stuck in her home town library.

When tens of thousands of owls descend on the building, rending and tearing at anyone foolish enough to step outside, Mad is tasked with keeping her students safe, and distracted, while they seek a solution to their dilemma.

Perhaps they’ll find the inspiration they seek in her favorite childhood book, The Silent Queen….

With food and fresh water in low supply, the denizens of the library will have to find a way out, and soon, but the owls don’t seem to be in a hurry to leave…

The Parliament is a story of grief and missed opportunities, but also of courage and hope.

And of extremely sharp beaks.

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“Pokwatka manages to tell two remarkably compelling, detailed stories….This master class of intelligent and beautiful writing transforms The Parliament from simply a tale of murderous animals into the kind of captivating novel that comes along all too rarely.” —Bookpage, starred review

“Must-read fantasy for readers who appreciate the catharsis of horror; perfect for fans of Whalefall by Daniel Kraus and Such Sharp Teeth by Rachel Harrison.” —Library Journal, starred review

“This is a tense rendering of an incomprehensibly strange situation in which nobody on the outside seems to care enough to help, and survival is only the first challenge—there’s also living afterward.” —Booklist

“Pokwatka manages both a unique exploration of the effects of trauma, especially on children, and a thoroughly moving portrayal of the power of solidarity in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, combined with a healthy dose of rage at the lack of care and effort on the part of the government to combat gun violence. The result is a suspenseful and gripping argument for change.” —Publishers Weekly

Praise for Self-Portrait with Nothing

A New York Times Best Fantasy of 2022!

“A thrillingly inventive, highly original debut that manages to be both a compelling mystery story and a dazzling meditation on existence. Pokwatka’s particular gift is her ability to see a strange concept through to its conclusion.” —Booker Prize winner, George Saunders

“Aimee Pokwatka’s Self-Portrait with Nothing is tantalizing and elusive lacework, delicately balanced between the branches of fantasy, mystery and realism like a spider’s web.” —The New York Times

Self-Portrait with Nothing is a thoughtful, beautiful contemplation on identity and how we build ourselves from all the bones we're given, both by the people who love us and by the people who leave us. How is this a first novel? Gorgeously drawn characters in a new and compelling setting, this is a beautiful book that deserves to be read.” —New York Times bestseller, Seanan McGuire

“Pokwatka’s debut is a unique and well-plotted story with many twists and turns. Recommended for science fiction fans, but it will also appeal to a wider audience.” —Library Journal, starred review

“A deeply felt, introspective meditation on motherhood and the nature of the self.” —Publishers Weekly

Self-Portrait with Nothing heralds a serious talent. It's a story that brims with life, ambition, and joy.” —Sarah Langan, author of Good Neighbors

“A beautiful debut about the people we aren’t and the paths we don’t pursue… Pokwatka’s voices are tantalizing and elusive.” —The New York Times

“[Self-Portrait with Nothing] had me feeling less alone in my own multiverse. And then that ending, despite bittersweet aspects, had me feeling so full of joy to be alive and working to figure out my own happiness.” —Matthew Galloway at Anythink Libraries

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The Parliament

The Parliament