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The Contemplative Tarot

A Christian Guide to the Cards

Author: Brittany Muller; Foreword by Carl McColman

The Contemplative Tarot

The Contemplative Tarot


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“This insightful book will help you to see both the cards — and Christian spirituality — in surprising new ways."
— Carl McColman, author of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism...

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“This insightful book will help you to see both the cards — and Christian spirituality — in surprising new ways."
— Carl McColman, author of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism and Eternal Heart

In the chaos of daily life, many Christians long for the time and mental clarity to reflect on scripture, to worship, and to pray. The Tarot can become an unexpected tool in this journey, inviting us to pause, contemplate, and find insight and wisdom in our walk. In The Contemplative Tarot, author Brittany Muller draws deeply on Christian tradition and theology to create a tarot practice built on spiritual reflection, prayer, and worship.

The Tarot has held countless meanings to countless readers over the course of its existence, but The Contemplative Tarot offers a uniquely Christian interpretation of the cards, including Bible verses and meditations on each of their spiritual meanings. Brittany provides practical guidance on how to use the cards in a Christian context, whether as prompts for personal prayer, daily reminders of spiritual truths, or as part of a more structured practice such as the Ignatian examen.

The Contemplative Tarot offers a thoughtful, introspective new interpretation of the Tarot and an invitation to create powerful moments of reflection and worship in your daily life.

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“One of the unexpected functions of the visual art is that it becomes an excavation tool for the deepest conversations of our lives. This book is wonderful companion on hearing the Divine voice in our deepest thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams.”
—Scott Erickson, Author of Honest Advent and Say Yes

"In pairing her expansive knowledge of tarot with art history, religious theology, philosophy, etymology, and culture, Brittany has created a truly remarkable and unique offering: a tarot devotional, crafted with care and compassion, that makes the cards both accessible and thought-provoking. Beautifully written, with brilliance and wisdom to spare, The Contemplative Tarot invites us to embrace the cards as a sacrament, and to utilize personal tarot readings as a cherished act of love, humility, and worship. Whether or not readers follow the Christian faith, this book is a generous and insightful resource."
—Meg Jones Wall, author of Finding the Fool and Autostraddle columnist

"The great Christian mystic Julian of Norwich said “the fullness of joy is to behold God in all.” Brittany Muller helps us to find God’s beautiful and loving presence in one of the most fascinating, yet misunderstood, elements of the western inner tradition: the Tarot. This insightful book will help you to see both the cards—and Christian spirituality—in surprising new ways."
—Carl McColman, author of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism and Eternal Heart

"Brittany has written this book for those of us who are deconstructing the Christian expressions of our youth and also for those of us who believe in the blurry something-beyond-ourselves that only glimmers in our peripheral vision. For weary religious folks like myself, this book is a balm for the soul."
—Liz Charlotte Grant, publisher of the Curator Magazine

"The practice of visio divina, sitting in contemplation with visual art, is an ancient way to bring us into conversation with the divine. In The Contemplative Tarot, Brittany Muller demystifies the practice of Tarot reading and invites us into an engaged conversation with the layers of meaning underneath the images. Accessible to Christians, seekers, and skeptics alike, Muller's book will help many people learn to move beyond a superficial relationship to Tarot and into a deeper one."
—Kaya Oakes, author of The Defiant Middle and Radical Reinvention

"This is the book I wish I had at the start of my spiritual journey. The clear and poetic connection Brittany makes between Christian tradition and the Tarot dispels all fearful imagery that has been placed on it by centuries of misinformation. The Contemplative Tarot is practical. It's beautiful. It's a great starting place for folks new to the cards, as well as people seasoned in their practice."
—Kevin Garcia, author of Bad Theology Kills

“The Contemplative Tarot is not the kind of spiritual non-fiction book to be read once and then collect dust on your bookshelf. This book is an invitation to a renewed spiritual imagination; one that makes space in our Christian prayer lives for our senses, intuition, and unconscious desires. I am grateful for the deeply thoughtful work of Brittany Muller for introducing me to this powerful tool for contemplation.”
—Shannon K. Evans, author of Rewilding Motherhood and Luminous

"Refreshingly unconventional...This pensive and unexpected volume will resonate with New Age fans and open-minded Christians alike."
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The Contemplative Tarot

The Contemplative Tarot