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Above the Salt

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Author: Katherine Vaz

Above the Salt

Above the Salt

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An irresistible and sweeping love story that follows two Portuguese refugees who flee religious violence and reignite their budding romance in Civil-War America.


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An irresistible and sweeping love story that follows two Portuguese refugees who flee religious violence and reignite their budding romance in Civil-War America.

“Vaz's work is gorgeous at every level—singing sentences and pull-you-in plot. She is the real thing, an American treasure.” —Tayari Jones, New York Times bestselling author of An American Marriage

John Alves, son of a famous Presbyterian martyr on the Portuguese island of Madeira, spends his childhood in jail and in poverty. When he meets Mary Freitas—though the adopted daughter of a master botanist, her true lineage is the subject of dangerous rumor—a spark kindles a lasting bond. But soon their families must confront the rising blood tide of warfare between Catholics and Protestants. Fleeing with only what they can carry, John and Mary are separated and arrive at different times and places in a rapidly growing and changing mid-nineteenth-century Illinois.

Years later, John settles into his life as an educator at Jacksonville’s nationally renowned school for the deaf, and Mary is a gardener in Springfield for handsome, wealthy Edward Moore. After John and Mary reconnect, the home of rising politician Abraham Lincoln provides a prime setting for their courtship. But conflict looms on the horizon, and John is torn. Should he join the Union army to prove his loyalty to his new country, or should he stay to fight for the chance to make a life with the one he loves?

And should Mary accept Edward’s marriage proposal since he is a partner in her business of selling the miracle-berry fruit she transported from Madeira, or should she choose her passion for John? Social jealousies and betrayals compound the obstacles unleashed by the Civil War.

In poignant and lyrical prose, Katherine Vaz’s Above the Salt is a captivating and beautiful tribute to the power of true love and the sacrifices we make to harness it.

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"Operatic... and memorably vivid." —Kirkus (starred review)

"Focus on the Protestant Portuguese’s exile from Madeira... creates a fascinating framework for this episodic yet sweeping literary novel that is equal parts love story and immigrant experience..." —Booklist

"In lyrical prose, Vaz conveys her characters’ curiosity about the world’s beauty and doles out powerful observations on human nature... Readers will be entranced by this ambitious and heartbreaking saga." Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Katherine Vaz has given us yet another magical novel with vivid imagery and the complexities of cultural identity. Above the Salt is a sprawling epic narrative with thought-provoking and exquisitely crafted language that explores the impact of history, religion, culture, and migration. It is a compelling saga, a literary masterpiece that celebrates the enduring power of love and reflects on our shared heritage." —Diniz Borges, writer, editor, translator

"Vaz has written an epic love story, about time and distance and miracles and a fate written in the stars. The writing is astonishing, beautiful; the book impossible to put down." —Whitney Otto, author of How To Make an American Quilt

"Above the Salt is a lyrically haunting historical tale of what lovers overcome to manifest their destinies and find their best selves. Set against a backdrop of horticulture, migration, religion, and renewal, Katherine Vaz’s novel sweeps us across decades and seas—from a tiny Portuguese island off the coast of Africa to the sprawling American Midwest—to expertly weave faith, hope, betrayal, and resilience into a story of enduring love."
—Amina Gautier, author of The Best That You Can Do

"What are our obligations to honor and love? How do we build lives across divides of time and space? Katherine Vaz asks big questions through the rich tapestry of daily life. Above the Salt is a gorgeous, surprising novel, at once intricate and bold." —Elizabeth Graver, author of The End of the Point and Kantika

"Large, lush, and luscious, Above the Salt sings of love and time and endurance and possibility, in a most singular key." —Gish Jen, author of Mona in the Promised Land and Thank You, Mr. Nixon

“The first time I ever heard Katherine Vaz read, I remember thinking, Who is this sorceress? as she made me cry in public. Now we have a new novel from her, and the magic has expanded.” —Alexander Chee, author of Edinburgh and The Queen of the Night

“Katherine Vaz offers us a story of discovery, loss, and the fragile but unwavering bonds of love that endure despite it all. This epic saga confirms her as one of our best writers.” —Maaza Mengiste, author of The Shadow King, shortlisted for the 2020 Booker Prize

"Since the publication of her first novel, Saudade, Katherine Vaz has stood out as a Portuguese American writer uniquely capable of expressing the inchoate longing of the Portuguese soul. Now, with Above the Salt, she becomes the pre-eminent voice of those of us who are part of the vast Portuguese diaspora with this visionary, immigrants' tale told through her rueful, hallucinogenic prose." —Michael Rezendes, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist

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Above the Salt

Above the Salt

Above the Salt
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