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May You Love and Be Loved

Wishes for Your Life

Author: Cleo Wade

May You Love and Be Loved

May You Love and Be Loved

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A tender picture book about the hopes and dreams a parent has for their child, from author, poet, and activist Cleo Wade.
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May You Love and Be Loved: Wishes For Your Life is the
tender and joyous next picture book from New York Times-bestselling author and poet, Cleo Wade.

May you know fear but not be driven by it

May you know joy and follow it everywhere
May you know light and shine it every chance you get

From the bestselling author of What the Road Said, Cleo Wade’s next heartfelt and lyrical picture book is a love letter to the infinite potential of the future, expressing the many hopes and dreams we hold for our children and ourselves. Gorgeously illustrated by the author and filled to the brim with her signature big-hearted emotions, this book is an important reminder that, above all, what we wish for everyone’s precious life is that they can love and be loved.

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May You Love and Be Loved

May You Love and Be Loved