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Foul Days

The Witch's Compendium of Monsters (Volume 1)

Author: Genoveva Dimova

Foul Days

Foul Days

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The Witcher meets Naomi Novik in this fast-paced fantasy rooted in Slavic folklore, from an assured new voice in genre fiction.

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The Witcher meets Naomi Novik in this fast-paced fantasy rooted in Slavic folklore, from an assured new voice in genre fiction.

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As a witch in the walled city of Chernograd, Kosara has plenty of practice treating lycanthrope bites, bargaining with kikimoras, and slaying bloodsucking upirs. There’s only one monster she can’t defeat: her ex, the Zmey, known as the Tsar of Monsters. She’s defied him one too many times and now he’s hunting her. Betrayed by someone close to her, Kosara’s only choice is to trade her shadow—the source of her powers—for a quick escape.

Unfortunately, Kosara soon develops the deadly sickness that plagues shadowless witches—and only reclaiming her magic can cure her. To find it, she’s forced to team up with a suspiciously honorable detective. Even worse, all the clues point in a single direction: To get her shadow back, Kosara will have to face the Foul Days’ biggest threats without it. And she’s only got twelve days.

But in a city where everyone is out for themselves, who can Kosara trust to assist her in outwitting the biggest monster from her past?

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Featured in Book Riot | Apple Books | Screen Rant | Paste Magazine | Parade | Polygon | io9 | Nerd Daily | Yahoo Entertainment | Reactor | Winter is Coming

Praise for Foul Days:

“Charming, wry, and emotionally resonant. Dimova’s propulsive, assured prose captures a fresh, gritty world bursting with wonderful characters—and monsters galore! Get ready to meet your new favorite supernatural crime-busting duo.”—Allison Saft, New York Times bestselling author of A Far Wilder Magic

Sharply written, utterly imaginative, by turns terrifying and hopeful—a wonderful read.”—New York Times bestselling author Lilith Saintcrow

“The definition of a summer fantasy must-read.”—Paste Magazine

“An entirely original world”—Parade

Dimova dazzles in her immersive fantasy debut... Dimova’s atmospheric worldbuilding and well-shaded cast make it easy to sink into this fantasy adventure. Kosara is especially vividly rendered and her witty narrative voice is sure to get readers on her side. This is a standout.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Dimova melds Slavic folklore, murder, and mystery into her fast-paced, magical debut, with detailed world-building and thoughtful consideration of matters related to trauma, the immigrant experience, and trust.”—Booklist, starred review

“This is a lively and accomplished debut, with an engaging voice and a deft touch with characterisation.”—Locus

“There's no safety when the Foul Days come for you: this book will drag you in and not let you go until dawn.”—Marie Brennan, award-winning author of A Natural History of Dragons

Foul Days is a fast-paced murder mystery in a Balkan-inspired fantasy world where your ex can be a literal monster. Charming, clever, and compulsively readable, this debut is wholly original and monstrously fun.”—Rebecca Schaeffer, author of the Market of Monsters series

A sure-footed, swift-paced race against time, Foul Days brings Slavic folklore to terrifying life. This is a brilliant modern fantasy that’s not afraid to show its teeth.”—Ed McDonald, author of The Redwinter Chronicles

“Mixes intriguing world-building, an entertaining team-up with an attractive cop, gripping action sequences, and Kosara’s deeply personal reckoning with her troubled past to keep us turning pages.”—Apple Books Review

“Rich with the mythology of [Dimova’s] heritage… [it] felt a bit like the world of the Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo [and] reminiscent of Sapkowski’s The Witcher… A fun, immersive novel.”—SFF World

“[An] energetic, witty debut... This twisty, fast-paced fantasy adventure feels like what would happen if Delilah S. Dawson and Naomi Novik teamed up to rewrite The Witcher.”—Library Journal

Foul Days is a phenomenal blend of danger and delight from an exciting new voice in fantasy. The characters, the world, the magic, and the monsters are all compelling, but the deft way in which Dimova brings them all to life while weaving in heavier themes of classism and abuse will leave you breathlessly awaiting the sequel long before you reach that final page.” —Kamilah Cole, author of So Let Them Burn

A fast-paced thrill ride with immersive worldbuilding and a snarky but realistic main character who you just can't help but root for.” —Frances White, author of Voyage of the Damned

“An immersive, thrilling read which will stand as a classic of Slavic folklore among the likes of Katherine Arden’s Winternight Trilogy.”—Laura R. Samotin, author of The Sins on Their Bones

Delightfully witty and utterly charming, Foul Days is part epic fantasy adventure and part romantic buddy comedy through an engaging fantasy world inspired by Slavic folklore. I couldn’t put it down.”—Hana Lee, author of Road to Ruin

Foul Days is an incredible story filled with monsters and magic which deserves not only to be read, but savored.” —Maelan Holladay, author of The Storm Gathers

“[V]ivid characters and rich themes, Foul Days is entertaining and compelling”—BookBrowse

“This gritty, atmospheric fantasy brings folklore to life”—Kirkus Reviews

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Foul Days

Foul Days

Foul Days
Foul Days