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Four Eids and a Funeral

Author: Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé and Adiba Jaigirdar

Four Eids and a Funeral

Four Eids and a Funeral

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From award-winning authors Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé & Adiba Jaigirdar comes a Young Adult romance
about two Muslim American ex-best friends who must work together to save their Islamic Center from demolition, perfect for fans of When Dimple Met Rishi and Love from A to Z!

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Ex-best friends, Tiwa and Said, must work together to save their Islamic Center from demolition, in this romantic story of rekindling and rebuilding by award-winning authors Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé & Adiba Jaigirdar!

The town of New Crosshaven has it all—even its own infamous love story.

These days, Said Hossain spends most of his time away at boarding school. But when his favorite hometown librarian, Ms. Barnes, dies, he must return to New Crosshaven for her funeral and for the summer. Too bad being home makes it a lot harder to avoid facing his ex–best friend, Tiwa Olatunji, or facing the daunting task of telling his Bangladeshi parents that he would rather be an artist than a doctor.

Tiwa doesn’t understand what made Said start ignoring her, but it’s probably that fancy boarding school of his. Though he’s unexpectedly staying at home through the summer, she’s determined to take a page from him and pretend he doesn’t exist. Besides, she has more than enough going on anyway, between grieving her broken family and helping her mother throw the upcoming Eid celebration at the Islamic Center—a place that means so much to Tiwa.

But when the Islamic Center accidentally catches fire, it turns out the mayor plans to demolish the center entirely. Things are still tense between the ex-friends, but Tiwa needs Said’s help if there’s any hope of changing the mayor’s mind, and on top of everything, Said needs a project to submit to art school (unbeknownst to anyone).

Will all their efforts be enough to save the Islamic Center, save Eid, and maybe even save their relationship?

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"A warm hug of a book. FOUR EIDS AND A FUNERAL feels like coming home for the summer. Readers are certain to root for Tiwa, Said, and of course, Laddoo the cat." - Farah Naz Rishi, author of It All Comes Back to You

"Hilarious and heartfelt, this young adult romance about ex-best friends thrown back together to save their local Islamic center---and perhaps their fractured relationship---is a charming collaboration between two of the best Muslim authors in contemporary YA. Àbíké-Íyímídé and Jaigirdar are a dream team!" — Priyanka Taslim, author of The Love Match

Bursting with joy, humour and so much love – for romance, for community, for home and the people who make us – Four Eids and a Funeral is a beautiful and poignant rom-com. I would do anything for Tiwa and Said and their enemies to lovers romance is fraught with tension, complexity and yearning – not to mention a very excellent cat.” —Bea Fitzgerald, author of Girl, Goddess, Queen

“Said and Tiwa’s love story is sweet and uplifting, and their quest to save their community’s Islamic centre will have you cheering! A fresh take on the classic friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romcom.” —Michelle Quach, author of Not Here to Be Liked

“I loved the representation of two Muslims who are at different stages in their faith walk but they both are passionate about fighting for the Islamic Centre and making sure that Muslims are represented in their community. Four Eids and a Funeral is a slow-burn, will-they-won't-they, sweet romance that celebrates faith, community and second chances.” —Abiola Bello, bestselling author of Emily Knight I am

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Four Eids and a Funeral

Four Eids and a Funeral