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The Poison Pen

A Scottish Bookshop Mystery

A Scottish Bookshop Mystery (Volume 9)

Author: Paige Shelton

The Poison Pen

The Poison Pen


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The Poison Pen, the ninth installment in the Scottish Bookshop series by Paige Shelton, set in a specialty bookstore in Edinburgh called The Cracked Spine.


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The Poison Pen, the ninth installment in the Scottish Bookshop series by Paige Shelton, set in a specialty bookstore in Edinburgh called The Cracked Spine.

Edinburgh is mourning recent the death of Queen Elizabeth II when Bookseller Delaney Nichols's boss comes to her with a most unusual assignment. An old friend of his, living in an estate in the village of Roslin, has found what could be a priceless relic on her property, and Delaney is tasked with investigating. Could Jolie possibly have an item of breathtaking Scottish historical significance in her possession? But when Delaney arrives at Jolie's estate, she is greeted by a legal team with a vested interest in the property. Jolie manages to remove the interlopers, but as they're examining the priceless item, they hear a scream, and meet a much less welcome discovery: a body.

As Delaney digs deeper, she discovers Jolie's own fascinating history. Jolie's mother had long claimed that her daughter was the rightful heir to the throne, not Elizabeth II, because of an affair she claimed to have with King Edward VIII. The only evidence, however, is in the form of a purported journal that one of Edward’s secretaries kept. The puzzles become more confusing when a connection is uncovered between this far-fetched story and the murdered man. Delaney will have to read between the lines to put together the pieces...or become history herself.

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Praise for the Scottish Bookshop Mystery Series:

"Entertaining....This is armchair tourism at its best, with a dash of murder for spice. Bibliophiles and cozy fans alike will be enchanted." —Publishers Weekly on Fateful Words

"A satisfying cozy framed by interesting details concerning Edinburgh and the history and lore of books and collectibles." —Booklist on Fateful Words

"Suspenseful....Shelton easily keeps us turning pages." —New York Journal of Books on The Burning Pages

"Danger, intrigue, and adventure combine in this quirky-fun whodunit!" —Woman's World (best new books) on The Burning Pages

"Historical Burns references add spice to a complex series of intertwined mysteries." —Kirkus Reviews on The Burning Pages

"Engrossing....Cozy fans will be enchanted." —Publishers Weekly on The Burning Pages

"Boasts numerous plot twists, appealing characters, and a lovingly described setting." —Booklist on The Burning Pages

"Captivating...Ghostly pubs and blustery winter scenes help create a suitably sinister atmosphere, while distinctive characters and judicious use of Scottish dialect add to the story's appeal." —Publishers Weekly on Deadly Editions

"Filled with literary references that will tickle bibliophiles." —Kirkus Reviews on Deadly Editions

"Vivid descriptions of Edinburgh enhance the well-crafted plot. Cozy fans will look forward to the further adventures of smart and intuitive Delaney." —Publishers Weekly on The Stolen Letter

"Shelton stocks her tale with appealing characters and intriguing Nessie lore. Cozy fans will be rewarded."
Publishers Weekly on The Loch Ness Papers

"Shelton’s lovely depictions of Edinburgh, its denizens, and its bookshops will enchant lovers of cozies with a Scottish setting." —Publishers Weekly on Lost Books and Old Bones

"The history Delaney fascinating and nicely woven into the tale." —Booklist on The Stolen Letter

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The Poison Pen

The Poison Pen