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The Night Hunt

Author: Alexandra Christo

The Night Hunt

The Night Hunt


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From Alexandra Christo, the author of To Kill a Kingdom, comes The Night Hunt, a dark fantasy romance about a monstrous girl who feeds on fear and the Gods-cursed boy who...

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From Alexandra Christo, the author of To Kill a Kingdom, comes The Night Hunt, a dark fantasy romance about a monstrous girl who feeds on fear and the Gods-cursed boy who falls in love with her.

Atia is a monster who feeds on fear. As the last of her kind, she hides in the shadows of the world to escape the wrath of the unpredictable Gods. Silas is a Herald, carrying messages and ferrying the dead as punishment for a past he can’t remember. Stripped of his true name, he yearns to recover his identity.

Atia would never dream of allying with someone like him, but when she breaks a sacred law and the Gods send monsters to hunt her, Silas offers an irresistible deal: he’ll help avenge her family and take on the Gods who now hunt her, if she helps him break his curse and restore his humanity. All they need to do is kill three powerful creatures: a vampire, a banshee, and one of the very Gods who destroyed both their lives. Only together can they finally rewrite their destinies.

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"A delightfully heartfelt tale filled with romance and adventure, The Night Hunt is a love letter to messy, monstrous girls." —Lyndall Clipstone, author of The World at the Lake's Edge duology and Unholy Terrors

"Fast fun and filled with Marvel-esque banter this highly enjoyable romp through the realm of monsters will appeal to fans of Not Even Bones and This Savage Song." Laura Steven, author of The Society for Soulless Girls

"I love stories about things that go bump in the night and The Night Hunt delivers! A dark romantic adventure depicting gods monsters and the lines that blur between them—this was such a fun fantasy read!" — Rachel Gillig, author of One Dark Window.

"Christo expertly volleys between snarky banter and gory horror while spinning a memorable enemies-to-lovers romance set amid a page-turning adventure." Publishers Weekly, starred review

"A heady slow-burn romance...that asks intriguing questions about morality and the monster in all of us."—Booklist, starred review

"An inspired take on monsters and myths." — Kirkus Reviews

"An electrifying fantasy romance that explores themes of gods, monsters, and the blurred lines between them. Christo skilfully blends snarky banter with gore elements, creating a sort of enemies-to-lovers romance set in a page-turning adventure." -- The Nerd Daily

"This stand-alone fantasy is sure to appeal to fans of Tricia Levenseller’s The Shadows Between Us or anyone seeking a fresh take on the standard heroic quest story.... this novel is a fun ­adventure from beginning to end and an easy sell to fantasy readers suffering from series fatigue." —School Library Journal

For To Kill a Kingdom:

“With well-crafted fight scenes and vivid descriptions, Christo has created a world of beauty and monstrosity that will draw readers in.” —Publishers Weekly

“Stellar world building and nonstop action will keep readers hooked on this twisted reimagining of “The Little Mermaid.” —Booklist Online

“Fantasy fans will like the idea of sirens and piratelike princes as the characters who are imaginative and well developed.” —School Library Journal

“Readers who enjoy dark fairy tales of The Little Mermaid persuasion will sink into this bloody tale with pleasure.” —RT Book Reviews

“The world building is deft, and the spectacular ending is a happy one for Lira and Elian, but it will leave readers blissfully wanting more.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

For Into the Crooked Place:

"With its gangland details, creative magical caste system and surprisingly brutal characters, Into the Crooked Place is very much its own thing. And that thing will likely be a story you can’t put down." —Culturess

"Christo offers the reader creative and thoughtful backstories for each protagonist, along with fully realized worlds rife with magic . . . Everywhere are people of color and acknowledgment of LGBTQ characters—nice touches not always seen in fantasy." —Booklist

"Christo has done an amazing amount of worldbuilding with this book . . . The way her characters use magic, the mythology of each of her characters within their backstories, and the timing with which these backstories are revealed—pure magic, pun intended!" —MuggleNet

"It’s a gangster heist story dealing with a lot of heavy themes, but I think everyone will find something to love in this story . . . . It's a wonderful read with awesome characters." —The Nerd Daily

For Princess of Souls

"High stakes and dangerous escapades. Princess of Souls takes you on a thrilling journey alongside a witch trying to walk her own path and the clever soldier laying the way. This is Rapunzel glistening with dark magic galore." -- Chloe Gong, the New York Times bestselling author of These Violent Delights

"Christo has cast a spell with this decadently dark tale of witches, fate, and defying death; her hallmark humor is as sharp as a blade; equally, her expert handling of a romance sure to be devoured by readers sparks true magic" —Ciannon Smart, author of Witches Steeped in Gold

"Princess of Souls sucked me in from the very first sentence. Its premise is as delightful as it is creepy, with characters to match. Nox and Selestra are here for vengeance, and everybody else had better stay out of their way." -- Tricia Levenseller, author of The Shadows Between Us

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The Night Hunt

The Night Hunt