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The Cricket in Times Square

Chester Cricket and His Friends (Volume 1)

Author: George Selden; Read by Tony Shalhoub

The Cricket in Times Square

The Cricket in Times Square

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Streetwise city mouse Tucker and his friend Harry Cat show country Chester Cricket around New York City in this charming tale.

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Tucker is a streetwise city mouse. He thought he'd seen it all. But he's never met a cricket before, which really isn't surprising, because, along with his friend Harry Cat, Tucker lives in the very heart of New York City—the Times Square subway station. Chester Cricket never intended to leave his Connecticut meadow. He'd be there still if he hadn't followed the entrancing aroma of liverwurst right into someone's picnic basket. Now, like any tourist in the city, he wants to look around. And he could not have found two better guides—and friends—than Tucker and Harry.

The Cricket in Times Square is a 1961 Newbery Honor Book.

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“Read by Tony Shalhoub, Selden's story of a clueless insect in New York lights up with the sounds of the city.” —People magazine

“Young listeners and their grown-ups will thoroughly enjoy Tony Shalhoub's dramatic reading of The Cricket in Times Square. His stage voice captures every nuance of emotion is George Selden's 1960 novel about a cricket from Connecticut who winds up in New York City and survives with the help of a friendly mouse and cat. This warm and fuzzy tale hasn't lost a hair of charm in 50 years.” —The Sacramento Bee

“With the talents of Tony Shalhoub, Chester Cricket, Harry Cat, and Tucker Mouse become real characters that the listener can instantly relate to.... Mr. Shalhoub creates unique voices for each of the characters, and from the very beginning, it is easy to decipher which character is doing the speaking.... For anyone not familiar with the classic tale, listening to it will be an adventure. And for those that know the sweet tale of Chester finding himself in a foreign land (at least for him), listening to the story will be a treat.” —

“Shalhoub brings dramatic range to the vocals, moving with grace from comforting to street smart.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The fabulous adventures of Chester Cricket, Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse are charmingly detailed by George Selden in his Newbery Honor book...Narrated here by Tony Shaloub, it's guaranteed to please the whole family.” —BookPage

“Emmy-winner Shalhoub is nothing short of wonderful. The ease with which he spins different accents adds immeasurable color to the story.” —Cookie Magazine

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The Cricket in Times Square

The Cricket in Times Square

The Cricket in Times Square
The Cricket in Times Square