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Little Black Dress

A Peter Macklin Mystery

Peter Macklin Novels (Volume 5)

Author: Loren D. Estleman

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress



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The fifth hardboiled novel featuring ex-hitman Peter Macklin, stuck between his mother-in-law and a hard case in Ohio

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Multiple Shamus Award winner Loren D. Estleman is "a superb stylist as well as a deft storyteller [who] paints his people and his city with acerbic wit and wry affection" (San Diego Union-Tribune). Peter Macklin was a hit man for a long time but he has taken steps to distance himself from his past, like quitting the mob, moving away from Detroit, and marrying the gorgeous, intelligent Laurie. But retirement isn't easy for an ex-hit man.

Now the man accustomed to killing people in cold blood must adjust to a sadistic ritual of early marriage... he must spend time with his eccentric mother-in-law. This event takes an unexpected turn when Macklin discovers her boyfriend Benjamin Grinnell is a spotter for a gang of armed robbers. Unfortunately, Grinnell made a big mistake: he failed to spot a shotgun-toting shop-owner. Now not only is Grinnell's life threatened, but so is Laurie's... and her mother's.

Macklin, driven by his professional curiosity and his desire to protect his family, can't help but get involved. As Macklin investigates Grinnell's dark affairs, he inevitably gets tangled up with Grinnell's enemies, including the Ohio mob... and the law. All parties converge in a deadly shootout, with the lives of Macklin's loved ones and the fate of his marriage precariously hanging in the balance.

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“Loren D. Estleman is a master. He is one of my heroes.” —Harlan Coben

“It has more strength, energy and crunchy dialogue than 90 percent of the books surrounding it in stores. Reading an Estleman mystery is like watching really great veteran hitters at bat, seeing how they bring everything they've learned over the years to each turn at bat.” —Chicago Tribune on Poison Blonde

“Macklin is a creation of surprising depth and intelligence, and he and Laurie make a good match.” —Wes Lukowsky, Booklist on Something Borrowed, Something Black

“The story vibrates with letter-perfect details, and the plot, with changing locations and changing points of view, is deftly handled. Each character, major or minor, is fresh and real, and this creates a terrific energy throughout the book, demonstrating once again why Estleman has won so many awards.” —Publishers Weekly on Something Borrowed, Something Black

“Spell-binding. Just about anything Estleman writes is worth reading.” —Reviewing the Evidence on Something Borrowed, Something Black

“A truly entertaining read and well worth picking up. Loren D. Estleman is, as usual, on the top of his game. I just wish he could write faster!” —Books N Bytes on Something Borrowed, Something Black

“A hit man as the hero of a whodunit series?...only Estleman would have the chutzpah to try.” —Chicago Sun-Times on Kill Zone

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Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress