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A Lew Fonesca Mystery

Lew Fonesca (Volume 4)

Stuart M. Kaminsky

Forge Books



Lew Fonesca is a man who does things for people. He makes small problems go away and tries to keep the larger ones from landing his clients in jail. He finds deadbeats, errant spouses, and generally keeps the populace of Sarasota on the up and up.

Now Lew is faced with one case that will try his patience...and another that may break his heart.

The first involves an elderly woman who swears she's witnessed a murder in her old age home despite the fact that everyone she tells her story to: her family, the hospital staff, and finally the cops all tell her that it just couldn't have happened.

The other has Lew trying to find out the identity of a hit and run driver who killed a 14 year old boy. This task dredges up old memories and a lot of pain, for Lew fled Chicago years ago, after a drunk driver killed his beloved wife.

As Lew begins to dig deeper into both cases he finds that they are tied together in ways he can't hope to untangle.

And when someone tries to run him down, Lew knows that he's getting close to some nasty home truths and he is going to have get the answers if he is to survive.

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No A single word. No period. No exclamation mark needed. I wrote the word on the back of a yellow three-folded sheet with a black fine-point Sharpie pen.
The sheet had come to me in the mail, an invitation in a flood of typefaces,...

Praise for Denial

“Readers will be demanding the sequel before they've finished the debut.” —Booklist (starred) on Vengeance

“Kaminsky is such a pro that the pages fly by, and even though Lew is often such a sad sack, it's hard not to root for him.” —The Chicago Tribune on Retribution

“Lew is still a triumph: a Lew Archer type with nerve endings so sensitive that when he's asked, 'anybody dead?' he replies, 'Most of the people who ever lived.'” —Kirkus Reviews on Retribution


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Stuart M. Kaminsky

Stuart M. Kaminsky is the Edgar Award-winning author of the critically acclaimed Inspector Rostinkov, Toby Peters, and Abe Lieberman mystery series. He lives with his family in Sarasota, Florida

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Stuart M. Kaminsky


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