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The Reign of Fear

Toby Green

Thomas Dunne Books


A journey across centuries of religious conflict

Toby Green's incredible new book brings a vast panorama to life by focusing on the untold stories of individuals from all walks of life and every section of society who were affected by the Inquisition. From witches in Mexico, bigamists in Brazil, Freemasons, Hindus, Jews, Moslems and Protestants, the Inquisition reached every aspect of society. This history, though filled with stories of terror and the unspeakable ways in which human beings can treat one another, is ultimately one of hope, underscoring the resilience of the human spirit. Stretching from the unification of Spain under Ferdinand and Isabella in the fifteenth century to the Napoleanic wars, The Inquisition details this incredible history in all its richness and complexity.

Chapter One

Who can doubt that what seems in this tribunal to be
severity of justice is in fact a medicine, ordained by mercy
for the health of the delinquents?


Praise for Inquisition

"Green (Thomas More’s Magician, 2005, etc.) unflinchingly tackles one of civilization’s most notorious ventures into authoritarian religious intolerance and racism: the Spanish Inquisition, endowed by papal bull in 1478 and ended by decree only in 1834 ... A persuasive proposal that two rich empires took a dark detour from Europe’s Enlightenment and never completely recovered." - Kirkus Reviews -

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Toby Green

TOBY GREEN is the author of three previous books, Saddled With Darwin, Meeting of the Invisible Man, and Thomas More's Magician. He has traveled widely in Africa and Latin America, and now lives with his family in the west of England.

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