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Heavy Metal Pulp: The Bloodstained Man

Heavy Metal Pulp: The Bloodstained Man

Netherworld Book Two

Heavy Metal Pulp (Volume 2)

Christopher Rowley

Tor Books


Presenting Heavy Metal Pulp, a new line of novels combining noir fiction with fantastic art featuring the theme, story lines, and graphic styles of Heavy Metal magazine.

Following the explosive events of book one, Pleasure Model, Detective Rook Venner, Mistress Julia, and Plesur are on the run from the government troops trying to kill them and from a shadowy group that wants to capture Plesur alive for its own purposes. What secrets have been implanted in Plesur's head—and why are they worth killing for?

Caught between these two powerful rivals, the trio hides out in the lawless New Jersey territory. Betrayed by gang members looking to collect the bounty on Plesur's head, the three are separated, and Rook and Mistress Julia find themselves in mortal danger. Julia, given as a prize to a gang member, finds herself in chains, but not without her own means of fighting back. Rook, forced to fight for his life in the gang's bloodthirsty gladiatorial games, must stay alive long enough to rescue Plesur, but time is running out.

The Bloodstained Man is a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled ride through a future where pleasure has a price, and Plesur holds the key to a secret that could rock the country to its very core.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Praise for Heavy Metal Pulp: The Bloodstained Man

Pleasure Model evokes strains of Blade Runner with a terse, authentic Noir tone, mixed with the ethical ambiguities of a futuristic, amoral world and a cyberpunk sensibility. The story moves well and is told with a steady, authoritative hand, guaranteed to leave fans of both Noir and cyberpunk waiting for more.” —Shroud Magazine -

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Christopher Rowley

Christopher Rowley is a prolific science fiction and fantasy writer, author of Bazil Broketail and Starhammer. Rowley lives in New York's Hudson Valley.

Interior artist Justin Norman's design for graphic novels includes the critically acclaimed Elephantman comic series. Norman lives in Seattle, Washington.

Cover artist Gregory Manchess has produced covers for Time, National Geographic, and Atlantic Monthly, as well as spreads for Playboy, Omni, Newsweek, and Smithsonian.

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