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The Miracle Season That Saved Notre Dame

Jim Dent

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Jim Dent, author of the New York Times bestselling The Junction Boys returns with the remarkable and inspiring story of one of the biggest comebacks in college football history.

In the 1960's, Notre Dame's football program was in shambles. Little did anyone know, help was on its way in the form of Ara Parseghian, a controversial choice for head coach—the first one outside of the Notre Dame "family." It was now his responsibility to rebuild the once-proud program and teach the Fighting Irish how to win again. But it was no small task.

The men of Notre Dame football were a bunch of unlikelies and oddballs, but Parseghian transformed them into a team: a senior quarterback who would win the Heisman Trophy; a five-foot-eight walk-on who would make first team All-American; an exceptionally rare black player, who would overcome much more than his quiet demeanor to rise to All-American, All-Pro, Hall of Famer, and to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Parseghian would change everything, from the uniforms and pads to the offensive strategy. It would be a huge gamble against great obstacles. But Ara Parseghian had that look in his eye….

New York Times bestselling author Jim Dent chronicles one of the greatest comeback seasons in the history of college football. Once again confirming his position as one of the top sports writers in the country, Dent brings the legends of Notre Dame football to life in an unforgettable story of second chances, determination, and unwavering spirit.

Chapter 1
Snow was blowing sideways on a Chicago morning in December of 1963 when Tony Carey aimed the '53 Chevy into the parking lot at Marshall Field's department store. His fingers drummed the steering wheel to the beat...

Praise for Resurrection

“Dent is an oral historian of the first rank.” —USA Today

“Dent's characters take on the dimensions of true and winning people; by the time the where-are-they-now epilogue rolls around, readers will consider them something like old friends.” —Publishers Weekly

“Dent's research was energized and textured and his writing is straightforward and engaging.” —Chicago Sun Times

“We have an inspirational underdog saga, humor, pathos, tragedy, and triumph.” —Booklist

“It hasn't been the easiest of times to be a Notre Dame fan, but if there is still a part of you that bleeds for the Fighting Irish, do yourself a favor and read Resurrection, by the great Jim Dent.” —New York Post

“If there is anything to take from this book--besides it being a good, fast read--is the parallels that exists 45 years later.” —Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette

Resurrection picks up where Shake Down the Thunder and Leahy's Lads left off.” —

“Football fans, regardless of their feelings toward the Fighting Irish, will enjoy this saga of a glorious era in college football.” —


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Jim Dent

JIM DENT, a long-time award-winning journalist who covered the Dallas Cowboys for eleven years at the Dallas Times Herald and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, has written seven books, including Twelve Mighty Orphans, and The Junction Boys, the New York Times bestseller and ESPN movie that remains a fan favorite to this day. Dent lives in Texas.

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Jim Dent

Thomas Dunne Books

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