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The Moonpool

The Moonpool

A Novel

Cam Richter (Volume 3)

P. T. Deutermann

St. Martin's Press


I remembered it from high school chemistry, one of those experiments where we made hydrogen. It was more of an acidic sensation on the palate than a real smell, but I recognized it. The pile of spent fuel at the bottom was beginning to outgas. Next would come the fire to end all fires. . . .

A private detective working in Wilmington, North Carolina, is found dead in a gas-station restroom, apparently poisoned. But when her body sets off radiation alarms in the pathologist's office, suspicion falls on the nearby Helios nuclear power plant, a heavily guarded facility with supposedly failsafe procedures.

As the FBI, local police, and the power plant's own security team investigate, ex-cop Cam Richter, head of the agency that employed the dead woman, begins his own inquiries. What was his detective investigating? And how could one person be poisoned by radiation without others being exposed?

Cam soon finds himself up against powerful forces that will stop at nothing to keep the plant's problems secret. The most vulnerable part of Helios is its "moonpool"—the radioactive storage pond that cools spent but volatile reactor fuel and must be kept completely full. Racing against time, Cam discovers an inside threat, which will use the plant's own systems to begin an unstoppable, disastrous sequence of events.

The Moonpool is a terrific thrill-ride, filled with insider details about the ultimate terrorist threat and how it might unfold.

Chapter One

Wilmington, North Carolina

Allie Gardner was desperate to find a place to pull over. Her throat felt like it was on fire all the way down to her stomach, and she was having real trouble with her breathing. The interior...

Praise for The Moonpool

“Full of imaginative plotting touches . . . fast-paced.” —Publishers Weekly on Spider Mountain

“One of the crime genre's more original and memorable creations . . . a mother-cum-crime-lord with a heart forged out of cold steel. Grinny is a welcome change from the usual sort of thriller villain.” —Booklist on Spider Mountain

“The stuff of series heroes . . . a battle royal.” —Kirkus Reviews on Spider Mountain

“The Cat Dancers showcases P. T. Deutermann's growth as a suspense novelist of the highest order. He crafts a gripping tale of men caught up in a shocking police investigation that transforms the world of ordinary police work into a spellbinding novel of suspense with universal appeal. I've been a Deutermann fan since his first novel, Scorpion in the Sea, and this one is quite possibly his best.” —Nelson DeMille, New York Times bestselling author of Up Country and Night Fall, on The Cat Dancers

“Relentless, exciting, and gripping—The Cat Dancers sinks its claws in and doesn’t let go.” —Jeff Lindsay, bestselling author of Darkly Dreaming Dexter, on The Cat Dancers

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P. T. Deutermann

P. T. DEUTERMANN spent twenty-six years in government service before retiring to begin his writing career. He is the author of eleven previous suspense novels, all in print with St. Martin's Press. He lives with his wife on their family farm in North Carolina.

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