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Mr. Allbones' Ferrets

Mr. Allbones' Ferrets

A Novel

Fiona Farrell

Thomas Dunne Books


A young man out poaching. A beautiful maiden in a mysterious house. A perilous voyage to distant islands.

A literary sensation from New Zealand, Mr. Allbones' Ferrets introduces a stunning new writer to American readers. The winner of numerous literary awards in New Zealand, Fiona Farrell is poised to capture a whole new continent of fans with this latest book.

A chance encounter one night introduces our hero, Walter Allbones, to the beautiful Eugenia and her grandfather, Pitford, a natural scientist and collector of rare birds. Allbones is a ferret whisperer, so to speak, and Pitford recruits him to collect a bunch of ferrets for export.

Within months of their meeting, the three embark upon a perilous voyage that will produce most dramatic and unexpected results. Mr. Allbones' Ferrets is an enchanting novel with a tender, unusual, and completely unforgettable love story at its center.

Mr. Allbones' Ferrets


May 1885 account, Riddiford Papers, New Zealand National Library
He stands in the dark, shoulders hunched, hands shoved deep in his pockets, the air poking chilly little fingers through...

Praise for Mr. Allbones' Ferrets

“A tender-hearted love story . . . May well be the most richly olfactory novel I've ever read. Fiona Farrell is about to have a lot of fans in America.” —Matthew Sharpe, author of The Sleeping Father and Jamestown

“A fun and lighthearted romance--with lots of ferrets.” —Publishers Weekly

“A brilliant new novel. Prose this skillful deserves an international reputation . . . real intellectual bite.” —Sunday Star-Times

“The richness--of both theme and language--imbues it with sometimes startlingly sensual imagery . . . creates characters and worlds you utterly believe in.” —The New Zealand Herald

“Smart and sweet and a very good read. Mr. Allbones' Ferrets is a book that won't be put down.” —The Dominion Post, Book of the Week

“History, contemporary angst, and a dash of the miraculous--a rich mix.” —Otago Daily Times


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Fiona Farrell

Fiona Farrell is a New Zealand author who won the Montana New Zealand Book Award and was nominated for the international IMPAC Award. She received the Bruce Mason Award for Playwrights, the Katherine Mansfield Fellowship, and was an inaugural recipient of the Rathcoola Residency for New Zealand and Australian writers and artists.

Thomas Dunne Books

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