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Agent Provocateur: Confessions

A Collection of Erotic Fiction

Author: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur: Confessions

Agent Provocateur: Confessions

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Steamy, straightforward and direct—these stories about ferocious affairs and secret liaisons celebrate the sensual yearnings of women
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Chosen for their escapism, indulgence and pursuit of the erotic, these stories explore the sensual and sexual yearnings of a woman who is sexy, provocative, and strong-minded---even if she keeps it under cover. In typical Agent Provocateur style, sex is brought out of the bedroom and paraded brazenly in front of us in a way that we cannot avoid it---nor do we want to. Themes explored range from "Ritual" a portrayal of illicit passion, through "Afraid of the Dark", a tale of strange erotic experiences in a dark room with a willing onlooker, to an unexpected threesome in New York in "The Lecture", to a frank confession of sex in a crowded bar in "Control". A heady blend of fantasy and reality they are chosen for their literary merit and their erotic content---and most importantly---for their ability to turn on men and women.

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Agent Provocateur: Confessions

Agent Provocateur: Confessions