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The Taboo Scarf

The Taboo Scarf

And Other Tales of Therapy

George Weinberg

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Every decade, a rare work of nonfiction comes along that offers readers an intimate and compelling glimpse of the deep secrets of behind the wondrous human psyche. George Weinberg's The Taboo Scarf and Other Tales of Therapy is such a book, a stunning literary tour de force by the nationally prominent psychotherapist that elaborates on the frailties and fears that define the human condition.

In the title story, Weinberg introduces us to Maggie, a troubled graduate student in paleontology who gradually comes to realize that her terror of being kissed stems from the emotional trauma she suffered at the hands of her brutal and dissolute father.

Like "The Taboo Scarf," the bittersweet irony of "The Beacon" concerns itself with a young woman and her fear of intimacy in a harsh, urban world. In this poignant tale, we follow Lisa, a young self-effacing woman working as an usherette who must come to terms with the fact that she was raised by a call girl who served as her mother.

These two stories and seven others suggest that "tales from the couch," when presented by a skilled and sympathetic psychotherapist such as George Weinberg, can create a narrative as full of momentum and passion as the most moving and finely crafted fiction. Indeed, as the patients unveil themselves through the mesmerizing processes of their therapy, the reader identifies with his own predicament and, in effect, comes to a better understanding of his own past and consciousness.

This is not just a work of nine finely interwoven stories of haunting psychological drama, but an impressive literary undertaking by a psychologist whose timely works have filled numerous best-seller lists for the last two decades. The Taboo Scarf and Other Tales of Therapy is a wistful, unforgettable work, a book that, above all, embraces the heart of the human condition.


The Taboo Scarf

I didn't know what I wanted of Susan, and the best defense against saying anything stupid was staying with the obvious.
Her face was still beautiful, an arched nose and high cheekbones. She was...


Praise for The Taboo Scarf

"Weinberg is a hard writer not to like. A student of Shakespeare as well as of modern analysis, his grip on character and keenness in spelling out the stages of an analysis bind the reader to the page while avoiding jargon, literary brilliance, or highhandedness of any sort... Warmth is all with Weinberg." - Kirkus Reviews

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George Weinberg

Dr. George Weinberg is the author of numerous books and articles, including The Taboo Scarf and the best-selling Self-Creation. A nationally renowned psychotherapist, Dr. Weinberg lives in New York City, where his practice includes training other therapists as well as seeing private patients.

George Weinberg

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