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The Lion of St. Mark

The Lion of St. Mark

Book One of The Venetians

The Venetians (Volume 1)

Thomas Quinn

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The first book in an adventurous trilogy

The House of Ziani and the House of Soranzo had been enemies ever since their grandfathers' joint business venture had collapsed more than forty years before. Then, they had chosen not to resolve their differences in the courts. Instead, they each sought to prevail in their rivalry by investing, trading, and manipulating as each battled to dominate and ultimately ruin the other. The fathers passed this legacy on to their sons....

A sleek Venetian fleet plows through stormy November seas, bearing reinforcements to help defend the fabled city of Constantinople against an impending siege by Ottoman Turks. Rescue plans are jeopardized, however, when an age-old bitter conflict flares between two Venetian nobles onboard: The brave naval Captain Giovanni Soranzo thirsts for revenge against the proud marine officer, Antonio Ziani. These two men will survive the sacking of Constantinople and will find their lives bound together in a heroic struggle to save their beloved city.

The year is 1452, and while Italy glories in the Renaissance, Venice is on the verge of an epic war of survival against the powerful Turks, who are intent on conquering Venetian lands, possessing her riches, and utterly destroying the city forever. Now these two patricians, both patriots, must temper their hostility toward each other with loyalty to their beloved republic. Fighting each other when they can, fighting together when they must, Ziani and Soranzo risk their lives to defend Venice---and their honor.

Much more than a war story, this is a tale of Venice, when she was the greatest city on earth and the world's only republic. It is a tale, too, of her people, whose fortunes and very lives were dependent on her success. Admired, envied, hated, and feared, but with her vast wealth and vaunted navy, always respected, she is La Serenissima---the Serene Republic of Venice---and this is her story.

Thomas Quinn combines his expertise on Venice with explosive, page-turning action to give readers an epic novel of struggle and survival.


The Lion of St. Mark

The Relief Fleet

The sudden plunge into the cold gray sea had filled the youth with such terror he thought his heart would burst from his heaving chest.
Now, minutes...


Praise for The Lion of St. Mark

"Chock-full of the type of political and personal intrigue that characterized life in the Venetian city-state, this seafaring saga is drenched in local color and accurate historical detailing." - Booklist

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About the author

Thomas Quinn

THOMAS QUINN was born in Newark, New Jersey, and is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. After graduating, he worked at Procter & Gamble for seventeen years in various sales and marketing positions, including three years in the United Kingdom. Since then, he has been president of a division of the Irish Dairy Board and vice president of sales for Warner-Lambert Consumer Healthcare and for CIGNA Healthcare. He is currently executive vice president of Swiss Medica, the maker of several innovative over-the-counter medicines.
He resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Cathie. They have two grown children, Sara and Tom, and two grandchildren. The Lion of St. Mark is his first novel.

Thomas Quinn

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