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Summer's Moon

Summer's Moon

A Sweetland Mystery

A Sweetland Novel (Volume 3)

Lacey Baker

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One charming B&B. Six grandchildren. One litter of puppies...The late, great Mary Janet Cantrell hoped that her family would return to their hometown and find comfort, happiness- and maybe even love. But what will it take for her wishes to come true?

Parker Cantrell is a Baltimore-based homicide detective who has seen too many bad things to believe in happy endings. But when he returns to Sweetland to retrieve the puppy he inherited, only to share in a night of unexpected passion with gorgeous hometown girl Drew Sidney, his mind is blown. How could something like this have happened-to him, of all people? And then, as they say, there were three...

Drew could never have imagined that legendary heartthrob Parker would come back to Sweetland, let alone into her flower shop...and into her bed. Now that she's carrying his child, Drew's life is about to change forever-with or without Parker. Both he and Drew must ask themselves what matters most. Are they ready to reach for the sky and chase their dreams-and give love a chance? in Summer's Moon by Lacey Baker.

Chapter 1

First Day of September

Today was the day.

Drew Sidney had decided today would definitely be the day she talked to Parker Cantrell.

It had been months since she'd actually stood still long...

Praise for Summer's Moon

“Parker and Drew's chemistery sizzles...this story pulls on the heart strings..” —RT Book Reviews on Summer's Moon (4 Stars)

“Complete with huge doses of charm, romance and humor, this is one delightful read.” —RT Book Reviews on Just Like Heaven (4 Stars)

“Readers will be eager to read the stories of Quinn's siblings and their four-legged companions.” —RT Book Review on Homecoming (4 Stars)


Reviews from Goodreads

Lacey Baker

Lacey Baker is one of the luckiest women alive. Why? Because she gets to live out her life's dream of writing emotionally fulfilling stories about relationships. A Maryland native she lives with her husband and three children in what most would call Suburban America, a townhouse development where everybody knows each other and each other's kids. Family cook-outs, reunion vacations and growing up in church have all inspired Lacey to work towards her dreams and to write about the endurance of family.
For Lacey, the writing bug bit early, when she was a sophomore in high school. From that point on she's been writing stories that depict the power of love and spirit of living. A homebody at heart, Lacey enjoys watching old movies and waking up to a nice hot cup of green tea.Homecoming, Just Like Heaven, and Summer's Moon are in Lacey's Sweetland romance series. This series holds a special place in Lacey's heart because it centers around a Chesapeake Bay community where crab season is the best time of the year and hometown roots are tradition—two things Lacey believes in wholeheartedly!

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