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The Devil in Jerusalem

The Devil in Jerusalem

A Novel

Naomi Ragen

St. Martin's Press


An ambulance screams through the Jerusalem’s quiet streets. Inside, a toddler fights for his life, his parents nowhere to be found. With profound shock, an emergency room doctor realizes that the child’s mother—a young American—is already at the hospital, sitting at the bedside of yet another child with traumatic injuries. Devoutly reciting Pslams, she stubbornly refuses to answer any questions, cautioning her children to say nothing.

Brought in to investigate, Jerusalem detective Bina Tzedek-herself a young mother- carefully peels back layer after layer of secrets and lies, following a dark, winding path through Jerusalem’s Old City, kabbalists, mystical ancient texts, and terrifying cult rituals, until she comes face to face with the horrifying truth which has held a young American family captive.

Based on true events, The Devil in Jerusalem from internationally bestselling author Naomi Ragen is an eye-opening look at the dangerous predators lurking around the watering holes of those who come seeking spiritual enlightenment.


The siren pierced the early morning serenity of Jerusalem's silent streets, deserted except for an occasional man returning from morning prayers. The ambulance sped down the almost empty road, bordered on both sides by old trees...

Praise for The Devil in Jerusalem

"The Devil in Jerusalem is a terrifying thriller, but even more upsetting is the fact that this story was based on a true event. Readers will be kept riveted to this gripping narrative." - Jewish Book Council -

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Naomi Ragen

NAOMI RAGEN is the author of many novels, including several international bestsellers such as The Tenth Song, and her weekly email columns on life in the Middle East are read by thousands of subscribers worldwide. An American, she has lived in Jerusalem for the past forty years and was voted one of the three most popular authors in Israel.

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Alex Ragen

Naomi Ragen

St. Martin's Press

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