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Italian Baking Secrets

Italian Baking Secrets

Father Giuseppe Orsini

Thomas Dunne Books



Italian Baking Secrets is Father Orsini's sixth cookbook, and once again the reader gets not only wonderful recipes from the great tasting cuisine of Italy, but the "retired" priest's entertaining comments. Father Orsini knows how to make good food great, and his directions come with the bonus of his wide knowledge.

The book begins with what to most of us is an amazing story: how the use of grain developed as long ago as---or possibly even prior to---the Neolithic period. Orsini tells us about the grains that were raised---and eaten---more than eight thousand years ago. Through charming and fascinating anecdotes, he lets us see the way bread has evolved, from flat loaves baked on hot stones to the myriad breads that have evolved in Italy alone---making our mouths water to hear about them.

But don't let the author's charming storytelling keep you from his recipes; if you do, you will miss some delicious and easy-to-make dishes you might otherwise never taste---and once tasted, you will want to make them again and again.

Chapter One

A Brief History of Bread

There are no existing legends or documents that tell us when man began making bread to use in his diet. We know that in prehistory, cultivation of various grains began over eight thousand...

Praise for Italian Baking Secrets

"Bakers will be glad Orsini shared this collection of Italian gems that span the boot from top to bottom."—Publishers Weekly


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Father Giuseppe Orsini

Father Giuseppe Orsini is the author of five previous books on Italian cooking, the most recent being Cooking Rice with an Italian Accent! He claims to be retired, but he still manages to minister occasionally in an Italian parish in New Jersey, and to hold office in several Italian-American community organizations.

Father Giuseppe Orsini

Thomas Dunne Books

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