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Double Diamond Dude Ranch #3 - Prize-Winning Horse, Maybe

Double Diamond Dude Ranch #3 - Prize-Winning Horse, Maybe

Double Diamond Dude Ranch (Volume 3)

Louise Ladd




The stakes are high. Can Belle win the big race?

Prize-Winning Horse, Maybe by Louise Ladd

Chris always expected that when it was time for her favorite horse, Belle, to have her foal, she would need special care. She would also need money for veterinarian bills. No problem, thought Chris. After all, she made pretty good wages as a junior wrangler at the Double Diamond Dude Ranch. But when the bills begin to pile up--and up--Chris realizes her wages won't be enough. She needs to find some other way of making some money . . . and fast. That's when she hears about a horse race at the annual town fair that will award a cash prize for first place. It's the answer to her problem! But the competition looks tough. Is Belle a prize-winning horse? Maybe . . .

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At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Chapter 1

"This foal you're carrying had better turn out to be a prize-winning horse, Belle." I waved the vet's bill under my mar's nose. "Just look at those $ $ $ $ $! He—or she—is sure costing me plenty."
Belle sniffed...

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Louise Ladd

Louise Ladd is the author of many popular books for children, including A Whole Summer of Weird Susan, The Double Fudge Dare, The Anywhere Ring series, and all eight books in the Double Diamond Dude Ranch series. She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut.


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