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Chasing the Dragon

Chasing the Dragon

Into the Heart of the Golden Triangle

Christopher R. Cox

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Chasing the Dragon is the story of a Boston Herald reporter's journey into Burma/Myanmar to interview the mysterious drug lord, Khun Sa.

The features desk of an American newspaper may seem an unlikely launchpad for a journey into one of the world's most remote and dangerous regions, but for journalist Christopher Cox, it was where the story began. It would end nearly three years later in the almost inaccessible mountain fastnesses of Shan State, Burma, as Cox brought off a journalistic coup even hard-bitten foreign correspondents might envy: a rare personal audience with General Khun Sa, the man U.S. law enforcement dubbed "The Prince of Death," the man thought to control a third of the world's supply of heroin. Accompanied by an obsessed Vietnam vet who had given up everything in his single-minded search for American POWs left behind in Southeast Asia and an eccentric expat with close personal ties to the general, Cox was going to cross forbidden borders to enter a region long off-limits to Westerners. And armed with little more than a backpack stuffed with vodka, porno tapes, and cigarettes, he was going to succeed. His journey would take him deep into the Golden Triangle, a shadowy zone of banditry, drug smuggling, and the ghost armies of past wars. He would begin in the red-light district of Bangkok, with its sex bars and soaring HIV rates, then head up into northern borderlands newly discovers by package-tour groups, and finally cross a jungled no-man's-land into the world of the Shan, where tough tribesmen trade opium and precious gemstones for the arms they need to fight the Burmese.


Praise for Chasing the Dragon

“It's a heart of darkness journey for our times.” —The Orlando Sentinel

“Chasing the Dragon is the best kind of travel writing: a polished blend of wit, poignancy, and crisp journalism, always engaging and profoundly informative.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Cox's report is richly informative.” —Publisher's Weekly

“This is a rip-roaring book that makes the point that the illegal drug traffic corrupts everyone it comes into contact with, and not just the ultimate users.” —Library Journal

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About the author

Christopher R. Cox

An award-winning journalist, CHRISTOPHER R. COX has written on and traveled extensively through Southeast Asia for more than 20 years. His work has appeared in The Boston Herald, Reader's Digest, Conde Nast Traveler, Audubon, Men's Journal and ESPN: The Magazine. His books include Chasing the Dragon and A Good Death.

Christopher R. Cox

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