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Crooked Brooklyn

Taking Down Corrupt Judges, Dirty Politicians, Killers and Body Snatchers

Author: Michael Vecchione with Jerry Schmetterrer

Crooked Brooklyn

Crooked Brooklyn



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A thrilling memoir from the former chief of the largest urban prosecution agency in the country
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A thrilling memoir from the former chief of the Brooklyn District Attorney's Rackets Division, who took on organized crime, crooked cops, and con men, rarely losing a case

From 2001 to 2013, Mike Vecchione was chief of the Rackets Division in the Brooklyn District Attorney's office, which was the largest urban prosecution agency in the country. Vecchione grappled with organized crime and dirty politicians, during which he supervised, investigated, and prosecuted major felony cases.

Crooked Brooklyn is a gritty story of corruption, greed and law enforcement. Vecchione navigated a political minefield and expertly rose to the judicial challenges of directing investigations into a wide variety of crimes, from bribe-taking judges to cold-blooded killers. He was responsible for taking down:

- Three state Supreme Court judges
- One of the most powerful political bosses in the country
- Two cops who worked as assassins for the Mafia
- A State Assemblywoman
- An FBI agent
- A corrupt oral surgeon who was secretly selling bones from the recently deceased to medical supply companies

Unbelievable and unforgettable, Crooked Brooklyn is filled with characters and stories ripped straight from the tabloids, great for fans who enjoy Law & Order, readers of true crime and those hungry for details about the system that keeps us safe.

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“A gritty real life view from the front lines. Prosecutor Mike Vecchione fights corruption on his terms and wins.” —Nicholas Pileggi, New York Times bestselling author of Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family

Crooked Brooklyn is a fascinating, chilling and sometimes hilarious look at what it's like to be a real-life, big city prosecutor. Sit back, turn the pages and walk a few miles in the shoes of Michael Vecchione, a man who's put away mobsters, crooked judges and politicians alike. Though he easily could be, Mike isn't a TV character - he's the real thing!” —Terence Winter, Creator & Executive Producer, Boardwalk Empire

Crooked Brooklyn gives you a front row seat in the court room as prosecutors take down everyone from dirty judges to brutal killers. Mike Vecchione and his colorful team of Brooklyn characters feared no one and faced every challenge.” —David Fisher, author of Killer: Autobiography of a Mafia Hit Man

“An up close and personal story of fighting corrupt public officials and mobsters and hitting them where it hurts. Mike Vecchione is a truly good guy of which there are too few.” —Ret. Detective Sergeant Joseph Coffey, author of The Coffey Files

Crooked Brooklyn puts you in the middle of the action as the DA takes on everyone from dirty judges to body snatchers. It's riveting stuff, as real as it gets.” —Ret. Captain Tom Walker, author of Fort Apache

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Crooked Brooklyn

Crooked Brooklyn