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Last man: The Chase

Last man: The Chase

Last Man (Volume 3)

Bastien Vivès, Michaël Sanlaville, Balak

First Second


Trade Paperback

Richard Aldana, the mysterious stranger who entered the Games in the first volume of Last Man, continues to defeat all of his competitors, despite his outlandish refusal to use any magic, and to rely solely on martial arts. With young Adrian fighting at his side, he's beginning to look like a likely contender for the Royal Cup. But in a breathtaking twist, everything changes: this world is not what you thought it was, and Richard Aldana is certainly not who he claimed.

With the same fast-paced, action-oriented storytelling and gorgeous art as The Stranger, the third volume of Last Man changes all the rules, and will leave readers eagerly awaiting Book 4!

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Praise for Last man: The Chase

"Vivés’ rough-hewn but flowing art still gives the manga-influenced book a distinctive visual flavor." —Booklist -

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Bastien Vivès, Michaël Sanlaville, Balak

Bastien Vivès was born in 1984 in Paris. He spent his childhood drawing with his brother. His studies focused on illustration and animation at the École des Gobelins. His first title came out in 2007.

Michaël Sanlaville graduated from the Emile Cohl school, and later the Gobelins, after which he followed twin careers in animation (at the Xilam studio) and in comics with Casterman Publishers.

Balak (aka Yves Bigerel) graduated from the Gobelins School of Animation in 2006. Balak works as a storyboard artist, 2D animator, and TV show director in France. He works with Marvel Comics on the new digital Infinite Comics brand, as a storyboard artist.

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Bastien Vivès

First Second

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