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Sarah Cohen-Scali

Roaring Brook Press


Nazi Germany. 1936.

In the Lebensborn program, carefully selected German women are recruited by the Nazis to give birth to new members of the Aryan race. Inside one of these women is Max, literally counting the minutes until he is born and he can fulfill his destiny as the perfect Aryan specimen.

Max is taken away from his birth mother soon after he enters the world. Raised under the ideology and direction of the Nazi Party, he grows up without any family, without any affection or tenderness, and he soon becomes the mascot of the program. That is until he meets Lukas, a young Jewish boy whom he knows he is meant to despise. Instead, the friendship that blossoms changes Max’s world forever.

Translated from the original French, Sarah Cohen-Scali brings the details of the Lebensborn program to light in this haunting and heartbreaking novel.

A Neal Porter Book

CPL: Chicago Public Library Best of the Best



I don’t know yet what my name will be. Outside, they can’t decide between Max and Heinrich. Max, like Max Sollmann, the director of the Home where I’ll soon be arriving. Or Heinrich,...

Praise for Max

"Unforgettable, bizarre, and brilliant."—Booklist, starred review

"Readers will find Max's story reminiscent of M.T. Anderson's National Book Award-winning The Pox Party (2006)."—Kirkus Reviews

"A mature, provocative perspective on a harrowing history, the effects of which reverberate today."—School Library Journal

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Sarah Cohen-Scali

Sarah Cohen-Scali has written many novels and short stories for young readers. Her young adult novel Max, first published in France, has won several awards including the prestigious Prix Sorcières 2013. Max is her first book with Roaring Brook Press. Sarah lives in Paris with her family.

Sarah Cohen-Scali

Roaring Brook Press

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