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Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse

Pénélope Bagieu

First Second


Zoe isn't exactly the intellectual type, which is why she doesn't recognize world-famous author Thomas Rocher when she stumbles into his apartment . . . and into his life.

Zoe doesn't know Balzac from Batman, but she's going to have to wise up fast . . . because Rocher has a terrible secret, and now Zoe is sitting on the literary scandal of the century.

Praise for Exquisite Corpse

"Pénélope Bagieu has mastered a magic trick, and it is this: Somehow, even as she suspends our disbelief, she can turn paper into flesh. And ink becomes lifeblood...her characters not only breathe and pulsate with vivid life. They also seem entirely, organically authentic in their own skin." —The Washington Post

"Funny and subversive, this sexy tale of a pompous and reclusive author, his ex-lover and agent and the young woman who pierces this closed circle (and completes the triangle) is beautifully told by Bagieu, a major talent and bestselling author in her native France." —The Miami Herald

"Bagieu crafts a fiendishly unexpected denouement that combines feminist politics with a generous affection for her heroine." —NPR

"Wonderful . . . her cartooning style is a sheer delight." —Mental Floss

"A funny and fresh exploration of authorship and a writer's relationship to fame...utterly charming."—Publishers Weekly


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Pénélope Bagieu

Penelope Bagieu was born in Paris in 1982, to Corsican and Basque parents. She is a bestselling graphic novel author and her editorial illustrations have appeared all over the French media. She blogs, drums in a rock band, and watches lots of nature shows. Exquisite Corpse is her first graphic novel to be published in the United States.

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