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Stone in the Sky

Stone in the Sky

Tin Star (Volume 2)

Cecil Castellucci

Roaring Brook Press


Brother Blue.
His name, even the color, filled me with a furious fire of pure hatred.

Years ago, Tula Bane was beaten and left for dead on a remote space station far from Earth, her home planet. She started with nothing and had no one, but over time, she found a home, a family, and even love. When it's discovered that the abandoned planet beneath the station is abundant with a rare and valuable resource, aliens from across the galaxy race over to strike it rich. With them comes trouble, like the man who nearly killed Tula years ago—the man she has dreamed of destroying ever since.

In this sequel to Tin Star, Cecil Castellucci takes readers on an extraordinary adventure through space in a thrilling and thoughtful exploration of what it means to love, to hate, and to be human.

CCBC Choice (Univ. of WI)


No one is safe when the warning sirens on a space station blare.

It could be anything. Imperium battleships. Meteor storm. Asteroid. Pirates. Or maybe my mortal enemy, Brother Blue, the man who killed my family and...

Praise for Stone in the Sky

“Tolerance and diversity are the themes that propel this science fiction saga.” —VOYA

“Castellucci's well-structured plot includes an unexpected gold-rush-like bustle on the station (because a valuable plant suddenly blooms on the planet below); escapes, travel and reunions for Tula; a government to fight; and a caste system to erode. . . Thoroughly original outer-space scenario.” —Kirkus Reviews


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Cecil Castellucci

Cecil Castellucci is the two-time MacDowell fellow and award winning author of many books and graphic novels for young people, including Tin Star (a 2015 Sunburst Award winner), Boy Proof, The Plain Janes, First Day on Earth, The Year of the Beasts, and Star Wars: Moving Target - A Princess Leia Adventure.

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