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Omaha Beach on D-Day

Omaha Beach on D-Day

June 6, 1944 with One of the World's Iconic Photographers

written by Jean-David Morvan and Séverine Tréfouël; illustrations by Dominique Bertail; photographs by Robert Capa

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The first volume of a new series dedicated to exploring iconic moments in World War II history, Omaha Beach on D-Day is a fresh and captivating new take on one of the most important moments in World War II: the Allied forces storming the beach at Normandy.

The photograph at the heart of this book is Robert Capa's world-famous shot of the Allied landing in 1944, and the authors of this remarkable work have gathered interviews, testimonials, contact sheets, and over forty pages of photographic archives from the Magnum Photos agency to fill in the history behind a single moment, captured forever on film.

Using a combination of traditional comics narrative, photography, and nonfiction text, Omaha Beach on D-Day is a rich and accessible fresh take at a crucial moment in 20th century history.

Praise for Omaha Beach on D-Day

"Since Capa’s work is the prototype for all subsequent battlefront visual reporting, placing the viewer in the midst of military action, mostly before, around, and after combat but also, of course, harrowingly under fire, it’s high praise of Bertail that his black, white, and gray art, drawn with both pen and brush, ideally complements Capa’s photojournalism." —Booklist

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written by Jean-David Morvan and Séverine Tréfouël; illustrations by Dominique Bertail; photographs by Robert Capa

Born in Reims, France, Jean-David Morvan has become a noted French comics writer known for his thoughtful and surprising takes on a variety of topics.

Séverine Tréfouël is a French comics writer who has experimented with three-dimensional comic strips and who has coauthored several graphic novels with Morvan.

Dominique Bertail, of Tours, France, takes his influences as a cartoonist from around the world, including Moebius, Juillard, and Otomo.

Robert Capa was a Hungarian war photographer and photojournalist who covered five wars during his career, most famously documenting the course of World War II in London, North Africa, Italy, the Battle of Normandy on Omaha Beach, and the liberation of Paris. In 1947 Capa co-founded the Magnum Photos agency.

Jean-David Morvan

Séverine Tréfouël

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