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Science Comics: Volcanoes

Fire and Life

Science Comics

Author: Jon Chad

Science Comics: Volcanoes

Science Comics: Volcanoes


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The third book of the action-packed nonfiction graphic novel series Science Comics introduces the explosive and exciting world of volcanoes!
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Get ready to explore the depths of the ocean, the farthest reaches of space, and everything in between! Volcanic eruptions, vampire bats, feathered velociraptors, and more await you in SCIENCE COMICS.

In a not-so-distant future our world is as cold as a frozen burrito. But can humanity save itself by harnessing a power that dwells inside the Earth? Explode into the world of geology in Volcanoes: Fire and Life!

A lot of magic happens under the Earth's crust. Thanks to magma vents, shifting continental plates, and volcanic eruptions, we know that our planet is alive and in motion. Alongside Aurora, a young explorer, you'll learn that volcanoes are just one of the massively powerful forces at work on our planet. From catastrophic destruction to the creation of new land masses, volcanoes have made their mark on our amazing Earth.

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Praise for the Science Comics series:

"This series—written by a handful of authors—seems determined to offer a useful introduction to anything a curious grade-school student might wonder about. The insight behind these books is a powerful one. So much information about the world around us is actually better conveyed visually, through charts, illustrations, and sequential panels, than purely using words." —New York Times

"Like having a Time Life Science Library in comic books. Which is awesome!" —Popular Science, praise for the Science Comics Series

Praise for Science Comics: Volcanoes:

"Chad’s well-drawn and clearly labeled diagrams in rich, saturated colors concisely explain key concepts, and vocabulary words are defined both in the text and a glossary. While the stylized cartoon figures and adventure narrative are an entertaining framework, the science fittingly occupies the center stage." —Booklist

"The artwork is bold and engaging, cleverly intertwining the science and the more fantastical elements of the narrative."— School Library Journal

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Science Comics: Volcanoes

Science Comics: Volcanoes