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Deborah Lynn Jacobs

Roaring Brook Press


SHIFTING BETWEEN MULTIPLE REALITIES A teenage girl consumed by guilt over her brother's death tries to find a universe in which he is still alive.

Sticky notes rim the mirror in rainbow colors. REMEMBER. DON'T FORGET HIM. READ THE NOTEBOOK. Remember what? Remember who? And what's this about a notebook? There's another note, bottom center of the mirror. THE DREAMS ARE REAL.

In an unconscious effort to find her dead brother, Kathleen slips between universes. Choices begins in one dimension, then fractures into four distinct voices with every deision Kathleen/Kay/Kate/Kathy makes.

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Praise for Choices

"This is light reading that will appeal to teens with an interest in the paranormal."—Children's Literature

"Kathleen's melancholic tale does justice both to the moving story of a girl coming to terms with the death of her brother and to the magical adventure of a universe-shifting girl trying to find her way home."—Kirkus Reviews

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Deborah Lynn Jacobs

Deborah Lynn Jacobs, author of Powers, which was praised by Kirkus Reviews as "bewitching," lives in Wisconsin.

Roaring Brook Press

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