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Demon, Volume 3

Demon, Volume 3

Demon (Volume 3)

Jason Shiga

First Second


Volume 1 was an Eisner Award winner and LA Times Book Prize finalist!

With his demon powers, nothing is denied Jimmy Yee. Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll—that's just for amateurs. He’s experienced every earthly pleasure known to man, and even invented a few of his own. Confident that he and his daughter Sweetpea have outlived all of the their enemies, Jimmy spends his day reveling in his immortality. But after 250 years, immortality is getting a little dull.

Jimmy's bacchanal lifestyle is about to get a shake up. The OSS is back and ready for a showdown, and this no-holds-barred battle promises to be Jimmy's most violent and raunchy one yet.

From the brilliant and profane mind of Jason Shiga comes Demon: a four-volume graphic novel epic about the unspeakable chaos that one indestructible man can unleash on the world—and the astronomical body count he leaves behind.

Demon, Volume 3

Praise for Demon, Volume 3

Praise for Jason Shiga and the Demon series:

"I truly think Demon is one of the best comics that has come out in the last few years. It's surprising, unique, and insanely well crafted." —Brian Michael Bendis, author of the Ultimate Spider-Man series

"Jason Shiga has done something remarkable with Demon: created a surpassing morally repugnant protagonist I still root for because of his prodigious intelligence. I'm ashamed of myself for liking him!" —Adam Savage of MythBusters

"It’s bizarre, sick, funny, and more than a little depraved, all of which is part of its charm." —Nerdist

I respect Jason so much for following his audacious, wild, insane muse. Demon is raw, explosive fun.” —Chester Brown, author of Paying For It

"Crazy + Genius = Shiga!" —Scott McCloud, author of The Sculptor

"Murder and suicide have never looked so adorable." —Booklist

"[Shiga] set out to make a dynamic comic, one that would both encourage and facilitate readers to turn the page again and again...The result is something goofy, funny, harrowing, and exciting in a way that action comics rarely—if ever—achieve." —A.V. Club

“Deeply uncomfortable and utterly brilliant.”
—Gene Luen Yang, author of American Born Chinese, Boxers & Saints, and the Secret Coders series

“Awesome! And horrifying. But mostly awesome!”
—Zach Weinersmith, author of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

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Jason Shiga

Jason Shiga was born and raised in Oakland, California. He is the author of Meanwhile, Empire State,Fleep, Bookhunter, and over 20 other comic books and graphic novels. He is also the creator of the world's second largest interactive comic. His comics have a geeky side, and often feature exciting uses of mathematics and unusual structural forms. Demon is his most ambitious project to date.

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