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Old Souls

Old Souls

Written by Brian McDonald, illustrated by Les McClaine

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From Brian McDonald and Les McClaine comes Old Souls, a supernatural graphic novel about addiction, obsession, and the things we do for family.

Chris Olsen has a good life. He has a regular job, a wife and daughter who love him, and a promising future. By any measure this is a good life, but it isn’t his first.

When a troubling encounter with a homeless man triggers something inside Chris, memories of his past lives bubble to the surface. A lost Chinese boy, a wailing grandmother, and a love so powerful it never left his soul—all compete for his attention.

Chris sinks deep into the seedy and seductive world of “grave robbers,” vagrants known for their ability to relive their former lives. But can he find closure to a tragic episode in his past without losing himself in the process?

Praise for Old Souls

"Reincarnation is a perennial theme in literature, but it’s handled here with surprising twists and turns that reveal an emotional rawness that speaks directly to the human experience...With two industry veterans at the helm, it’s no surprise that this succeeds on every level." —Booklist

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Written by Brian McDonald, illustrated by Les McClaine

Brian McDonald has worked in film, television, and comic books for more than thirty years. He is the writer and director of the award-winning short film White Face, which aired on HBO. A sought-after lecturer and teacher, McDonald has worked as a speaker and story consultant for such clients such as Disney and Cirque du Soleil. His book Invisible Ink: A Practical Guide to Building Stories That Resonate is required reading at Pixar Animation Studio as well as several film studies programs. McDonald teaches for the Film School in Seattle and the Red Badge Project, which teaches veterans suffering from PTSD how to tell their stories.

Les McClaine has been drawing comics for over thirty years and doing it professionally for a little more than half that time. He is the Eisner-nominated author of “Johnny Crossbones,” “Life With Leslie,” “Repeat Until Death,” and “Highway 13.” He has worked as a paperboy, a librarian, a record store clerk, and a Santa wrangler. He lives in a little yellow house with his wife and cat and works in a studio at the top of a big building in Portland, Oregon.

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