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My Girlfriend is a T-Rex Vol. 2

My Girlfriend is a T-Rex Vol. 2

My Girlfriend is a T-Rex (Volume 2)

Story and art by Sanzo

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback

A hilarious story of boy meets dinosaur girl!

My Girlfriend is a T-Rex is the story of a young man learning to live with his sexy but Cretacious new roommate—a girl that’s part-human, and part-Tyrannosaurus Rex! A bestseller in Japan, My Girlfriend is a T-Rex features fun and quirky artwork, paired with a side-splitting comedic storyline.

My Girlfriend is a T-Rex is an ongoing manga series that will be released as single volumes. Each volume will include at least one fullcolor insert in each book.

In a world where humans live side-by-side with anthropomorphic dinosaurs, Yuuma Asahikawa is a young man looking for a fresh start in life. It’s a classic case of “be careful what you wish for” when Yuuma begins dating Churio--a gorgeous Tyrannosaurus Rex with a ferocious appetite.

Follow the ups and downs of Yuuma and Churio’s bizarre romance as they spend their daily lives together. As Churio’s vicious claws, reptilian tail, and razor sharp teeth hinder even the simplest of activities together, will Yuuma, let alone their relationship, survive?

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Story and art by Sanzo

Sanzo is a Japanese manga creator best known for the series, My Girlfriend is a T-Rex.