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Nirvana Vol. 1

Nirvana Vol. 1

Nirvana (Volume 1)

Story by Jin x Sayuki (ZOWLS); Art by Sayuki

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback

Faith and heroism will take on fate in this brand-new action fantasy series!

Humanitarian-extraordinaire Yachiyo Hitotose gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to volunteer overseas–but things go awry when her plane goes down and she dies! When she wakes up, it’s not in heaven, but in a whole other world known as Gulgraf–the citizens of which think she’s their goddess reincarnate! Goddess or not, Gulgraf is beset by ravenous creatures known as the Blau and Yachiyo simply can’t turn her back on her new home. A new adventure begins in this endearing portal fantasy!

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Story by Jin x Sayuki (ZOWLS); Art by Sayuki

Jin x Sayuki (ZOWLS)

Jin is a Japanese author best known for Nirvana and the Trinity Seven Comic Anthology.

Sayuki is a Japanese manga artist best known for Gekka no Hazure Gedou and Nirvana.