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The Book of Unwyse Magic

The Book of Unwyse Magic

Claire Fayers

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


In Claire Fayers's darkly mysterious middle-grade fantasy, The Book of Unwyse Magic, a girl finds herself at the center of the struggle for power between the human world and the fairy world.

Magical mirrors,
A corrupt overlord,
A struggle for power . . .
It’s up to twelve-year-old Ava to solve the mystery—and save the town!

Years before, Ava’s family left the town of Wyse in a shroud of mystery—some scandal to do with magical mirrors. Now returning as indentured servants, twelve-year-old Ava and her brother, Matthew, suspect their new master, Lord Skinner, is up to no good. Ava is determined to discover the truth—about what happened to her family, and about the connection between the human and fairy worlds. Along the way, she meets friends and foes and faces real danger. Will she survive and solve the mystery?


The town of Wyse, set precisely on the border of England and Wales, is remarkable for one thing: It is the only remaining human town where magic works. Or, it will be in the mid-nineteenth century. As for other time periods,...

Praise for The Book of Unwyse Magic

"An entertaining mystery with a unique take on magic mirrors, Fayers’ (The Voyage to Magical North, 2016) latest is a safe bet for fans of Django Wexler." —Booklist on The Book of Unwyse Magic -

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Claire Fayers

Claire Fayers is the author of The Voyage to Magical North and its sequel, The Journey to Dragon Island. She lives in South Wales with her husband and as many cats as she can get away with.

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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