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Gray Wolf (Young Zoologist)

A First Field Guide to the Wild Dog from the Wilderness

Young Zoologist

Author: Brenna Cassidy; illustrated by Sally Agar

Gray Wolf (Young Zoologist)

Gray Wolf (Young Zoologist)

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A beautifully illustrated guide to gray wolves from wolf expert Brenna J. Cassidy, part of the Young Zoologist series.
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A beautifully illustrated guide to gray wolves from wolf expert Brenna J. Cassidy.

You might know that gray wolves live in packs, but there’s so much more to learn about these incredible predators! Find out what makes wolves howl, why wolves sniffing each other’s butts is their way of shaking hands, and how some wolves in Yellowstone National Park used thermal activity to heat their den! You’ll also witness the incredible relationship gray wolves have with ravens (they play tug with wolf cubs), learn about wolf rewilding projects, and discover what it takes to become a wolf zoologist yourself. Filled with simple science and plenty of animal facts, this book also looks at the conservation challenges these animals face.

Featuring stunning illustrations by Sally Agar, Gray Wolf (Young Zoologist) is part of an exciting series of collectable animal books from Neon Squid aiming to inspire the next generation of biologists and conservationists.

Also available: Humpback Whale, Giant Panda, African Elephant, Emperor Penguin, Koala, Honey Bee, Green Sea Turtle

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"This field guide to the gray wolf lets children imagine they are scientists heading out to study this animal. . . Large-scale scenes in colorful, kid-friendly illustrations blend with smaller cutouts and chunked, descriptive text, resulting in a pleasing design that’s accessible to browsing readers and focused students alike." --Booklist

Praise for the Young Zoologist series:
"What makes this series stand out is that the illustrations, bite-sized facts, and clear labels make it easy for the youngest of readers to navigate the text and absorb the information there." -- Booklist

"The well-illustrated Young Zoologist series guides readers through the lives and notable features of the spotlighted animals... prepares the young zoologist (aka the reader) for their upcoming adventure in the field, laying out tools necessary for investigating the animal. The bright, semi-realistic artwork could hold these titles on its own, but the easily digestible facts regarding life cycle, behavior, and conservation make the volumes well rounded. Each work is pragmatic in addressing the challenges these creatures face while helping aspiring zoologists learn ways to protect animals and their environments." --Booklist

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Gray Wolf (Young Zoologist)

Gray Wolf (Young Zoologist)

Gray Wolf (Young Zoologist)
Gray Wolf (Young Zoologist)