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Snakes (A Day in the Life)

What Do Cobras, Pythons, and Anacondas Get Up to All Day?

A Day in the Life

Author: Christian Cave; illustrated by Rebecca Mills

Snakes (A Day in the Life)

Snakes (A Day in the Life)

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A gripping story set over 24 hours where readers will come face-to-face with the most amazing snakes in the world, written by expert and TikTok star Christian Cave.
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Set over 24 hours, meet rattlesnakes, vipers, and black mambas in this kids’ nonfiction book by TikTok star and snake expert Christian Cave.

Journey around the world to follow the lives of these cold-blooded reptiles as they hunt, hide, and fight their way through their day. Biologist and conservationist Christian Cave tells the story of the world’s most amazing venomous snakes in the style of a nature documentary, including gentle science explanations of topics such as camouflage and skin shedding that are perfect for future biologists. Witness incredible moments including:

• A paradise flying snake soaring through the air to escape a predator
• A king cobra defending her eggs from a mongoose
• A spider-tailed viper using its tail to catch birds!

Beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Mills and packed with animal facts, Snakes (A Day in the Life) encourages kids to look at the roles these incredible legless predators play in ecosystems across the globe, and why it’s important we protect them.

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Snakes (A Day in the Life)

Snakes (A Day in the Life)

Snakes (A Day in the Life)
Snakes (A Day in the Life)