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Vampire Cheerleaders Vol. 2

Vampire Cheerleaders Vol. 2

Vampire Cheerleaders

Written by Adam Arnold; Illustrated by Shiei and Comipa

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback

The campy supernatural double feature continues, from the author of Aoi House!

After months of hard work and practice, the vampire cheerleaders of Bakertown High travel to Las Vegas where they hope to win the national cheerleading championships. But things quickly go awry when team captain Lori Thurston turns up missing after a wild night on the town with her teammates. With no time to find their missing captain, the vampire cheerleaders must restructure their routine before the tournament begins. But a grim fate awaits Lori at the hands of a mysterious and deadly foe...

Vampire Cheerleaders: High Stakes is the lead story from Aoi House creative team Adam Arnold and Shiei.

Double-featuring with Vampire Cheerleaders is Paranormal Mystery Squad, written by Adam Arnold with art by Comipa, in the latest installment of the ghostbusting Aoi House spin-off.

Placed under strict probation after being reprimanded in federal hearings for their cruel cryptid-hunting methods, Stephanie, Katie, Charlotte, and J.C. try to go back to business as usual. Their first stop is the paranormal convention, ParaCon. In their rush to hit the road, Katie breaks a sealed urn and unwittingly unleashes an entity of immense vengeful power that follows them all the way to Las Vegas.

Praise for Vampire Cheerleaders Vol. 2

“Come on, it's cheerleading vampires and how good can that be. Well, believe it or not, it's pretty damn good!” —VAMPIRES.COM

“Offers a good story of horror and comedy.” —FANGORIA

Reviews from Goodreads

Written by Adam Arnold; Illustrated by Shiei and Comipa

ADAM ARNOLD is the author of Aoi House. He has edited over two hundred manga and novel releases.

SHIEI is the artist of Amazing Agent Luna, Aoi House, and Avalon: The Warlock Diaries. She lives in Southern California.

COMIPA is a Philipine-born manga artist who has contributed to numerous international projects ranging from game book illustrations to comics and game apps.