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Blood Alone Vol 5

Blood Alone Vol 5

Story and art by Masayuki Takano

Seven Seas


The "London Waltz" story arc comes to a stirring conclusion as Kuroe awakens at the foot of the stairs in Misaki's mansion, his wounds miraculously healed. But Kuroe discovers that Misaki is already in the grasp of the evil vampire Caledwich. With his own life on the line, and more importantly, Misaki's, Kuroe must face Caledwich in a battle from which only one of them will walk away.

Praise for Blood Alone Vol 5

“Great artwork, a compelling storyline and excellent characterization create that rarest of comic creations--a believable world you actually feel like you could visit. Don't let this series pass you by.” —IGN.COM

“This is a great title for fans of supernatural mysteries and little girl vampires without high levels of angst.” —MANIA.COM

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Story and art by Masayuki Takano

MASAYUKI TAKANO is best known for writing and illustrating the Boogiepop Dual manga, and for doing original mechanical designs for the Full Metal Panic anime.